If You Can Notice These 8 Signs, He’s Not Your Soulmate

by Conscious Reminder

Soulmates are people with whom we feel entirely compatible and entirely understood. They are the ones around whom we can be ourselves, and the ones that remind us that there is nothing about ourselves that we have to hide or feel ashamed of. 

Soulmates are imperfect individuals that choose each other in this world. However, recognizing who our real soulmates are is quite hard.

These are the seven signs which, unluckily, show that he or she isn’t our soulmate:

We do not feel as we can reveal our true selves in their presence.

A person isn’t our soulmate if we find ourselves hiding our thoughts or emotions around them, or even worse if we pretend to be a person we are not, in order to keep or impress them. True soulmates are going to see each part of us – even our imperfection – and accept us regardless. They will understand our beauty and complexity. They will never judge us.

Our partner isn’t willing to be vulnerable with us.

When the person we are with doesn’t share his or her heart with us, then he or she isn’t the one. It is hard to get deep with someone, and we do not want to rush or discredit that. With time, we will understand that he or she isn’t our true soulmate.

Our partner keeps secrets from us from his or her past.

This goes together with vulnerability, but trust is definitely the most essential component of one relationship. When our partner does not have the ability to trust us and tell us his or her secrets, keeping things from us, then he or she isn’t our soulmate. True soulmates will always hang their dirty laundry out, as they know that we will accept and love them for who they are.

We are not sure where our relationship goes.

When we don’t have an idea where our relationship goes, it is the principal warning sign which indicates that our partner is not our soulmate. Although we should let our relationship to evolve naturally, we have to remember that conversations about our future or where we both see our relationship heading are a MUST. When we try to talk about our future, and our partner refused, it means that our connection is not as strong as we wanted.

Our partner is not aligned with or engaged with our goals or feelings.

We will not have the same feelings, goals, or dreams, and that is pretty okay. However, what is not okay is that our partner makes us feel silly or invalidated. This is a sign that our partner is not engaged with our goals. He or she is not supposed to have an identical perspective; however, he or she should invest in everything important to us and support us on our journey.

We prioritize our partner, but usually, see that he or she does not do that for us.

When we notice that we always prioritize our partner, and care about him or her, and put him or her first without receiving something in return, maybe he or she isn’t our soulmate. Our soulmate is going to meet us halfway. When we are with the appropriate person, he or she is going to pour everything of himself or herself into us as they love us a lot.

We usually feel as if we force something to start working.

When we feel like we need to force him or her to love us, he or she isn’t our soulmate. With our soulmate, love is going to come in a natural way as we both invest in each other and make things work. When we are with the one that we should be, love will not feel forced.

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