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You Can Program Your Crystals Easily By Following These 6 Simple Steps

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by Conscious Reminder

Crystals are considered a very important physical element for any kind of spiritual practice. Whether it be healing, meditation or manifestation or re-energizing efforts, crystals are always used as a cosmic helping hand.

The reason behind this affinity between crystals and spiritual practices lies in their composition.  Because crystals are at a perfect harmony with their surroundings right down to their atomic make up.

That’s what makes them the best transmitters as well as amplifiers of energy. Crystals can help us in our spiritual quest. Learning to use their energy can be a big boost to any spiritual practice.

Programming crystals through Crystal wands

Crystal wands are another name for the crystal tips. They are said to be powerful enough to open a connection between the third dimension (which we currently inhabit) and other higher realms. They are sensitive enough to pick on the energy signature from higher realms and then distribute the said energy on this planet.

You can also use them to open a portal or connection between the higher realms and your home, enabling more knowledge and love to flow through your surroundings. They can also be used to remove any kind of energy blockage that you might per suffering from.

Additionally, if you hold on to them for more than 30 minutes and concentrate, you will be able to tap into your Alpha and Beta state. In these stages you can be the direct recipient of knowledge from the higher planes.

Things you need to know before programming your crystals

Before you start the process of programming your crystals, you need to pay attention to their cleaning and purifying. Unless they are completely purified, you won’t be able to imprint your message on them. Also try keeping this manifestation crystal away from others. Let it be used solely for the purpose of manifestation and not for healing etc.

How to get started

Programming a crystal means to use the power of manifestation to bring to reality the thoughts of your subconscious mind. This works by setting an intention. Now remember intention is a very strong word. Your intention needs to be something very specific and something very needful. You can’t programme a crystal every time you want something. You have to need it very badly for it to work.

Program your crystals in the following 6 simple steps

Before you begin, hold it in your hands and look at it while simultaneously visualizing your intention. Once you attain that you can close your eyes.

  • Imagine, in as much details as possible what you are trying to manifest.
  • Paint a clear mental picture.
  • Now imagine that you already have whatever it is that you seek. You really need to believe that.
  • The feeling of contentment washes over you. Since you already have whatever it is that you need.
  • Try to focus on all the sensations in your body which these thoughts bring. Thrive in them.
  • When you are done, take a deep breath and relax.

For it to be the most effective, you need to keep programming the crystal on a daily basis. Twice a day if possible.

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