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When Your Soul Is Crying: 5 Showing Signs That Life Is Smothering You

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Time will come when you realize that your life has changed and that would be the moment when you start growing as a person.

Sometimes, growth brings upon suffering as well. Luckily pain stimulates growth. You are probably not aware of this, but here we give you five signs that show that you have outgrown the frames and boundaries of your own life:

1. You don’t enjoy life the way you used to

If you’re not happy it’s a strong sign that your soul is telling you that you are ready to move on with life.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider your priorities and goals and your current way of leaving too.

2. You are acting a bit self-destructive.

As you’re trying to deal with your frustrations, anger and stress, you might catch yourself link your feelings with your destructive behaviour.

If you’re looking for Solace in drugs, alcohol, one night stands and avoiding your problems, is also strong sign there is a perfect time for major changes.

3. Your friendships and relationships stagnate

The way you see your partners and friends can vary over time. You simply don’t perceive them the same way you did before.

There were times when you could confide in them, but now you feel like they are the last person in this world you would like to talk to.

This will probably tell you that it’s better to move onto doing something you like and meet new people.

4. You find no satisfaction in the way you spend your free time

Maybe you used to pop some popcorn and watch a full season of your favourite TV show, but this is not something you like doing anymore.

It brings no satisfaction and you don’t think it’s fun anymore.

Maybe it’s time to find something more profound to do in a spare time, picking up a hobby that will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

5. You find no sense and logic in society

This is one of the most difficult changes.When you start seeing society as a big game, it’s a clear sign that your soul has not just outgrown the frames of your own life but also the frames on your culture. Maybe you should reconsider your place and status in society and think about what you can do to help make things better.

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