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Gentle Giant Jupiter Goes Retrograde This Weekend And It’s All About Seeing The Bigger Picture 

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The planet Jupiter is scheduled to enter the sign of Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. The Retrograde will last from May 10th till September 13th.

Jupiter spends most of its time in Retrograde. So, we are quite used to Jupiter’s Retrograde and its effect. But Capricorn brings a brand new dimension to this Retrograde.

Jupiter will help us refocus and readjust our point of perspective. Since the planet is related to abundance, we will find many doors of opportunities opening up for us.

Clarity will dawn on us during this Retrograde. It will make us see and understand the larger picture. As we begin to understand the larger plan, the doubts in our life will gain a lot more transparency.

At the beginning of the Retrograde, it might be difficult for us to see the larger picture as we might be attracted to focus on the smaller units of our lives.

Under Jupiter’s energy, everyone needs to be wary of not taking more than they can handle. We also need to remember not to forget what our real purpose is.

Consider looking at an impressionist painting. When we stand too close to the work of art, it might appear like a mess. But when we take a few steps back, looking at the larger picture might give us a better context and make us understand the artist’s intentions.

This is not to say that focusing on a smaller unit is not important. Both the smaller and the larger picture hold their own relevance. They are in a symbiotic relationship, wherein one helps us understand the other better.

The energy that Jupiter’s Retrograde will release is of this kind. It will make us understand the interdependency of both the larger and the smaller picture. As we understand the small things, the larger picture will gain more clarity and vice versa.

The professional side of our life will crave more of our attention as Jupiter moves into Capricorn. It will encourage us to focus on what we would want to create or pursue in our life. This will be the best time to focus on strengthening our foundation. We will become more ambitious and seek expansion in any field we would like to work on.

Capricorn, being an earth sign, will encourage us to be methodical and focus on every little detail while working on our foundation. It is important to build a stable and strong foundation so that whatever we create will last longer.

As the Retrograde comes to an end in September, all our doubts will have clear answers as the bigger picture gets exposed. We might encounter newer opportunities that will help us make our way to higher successes.

As the Jupiter Retrograde starts, there is a chance that we might feel lethargic and tired. It might also be difficult to find motivation. What you must remember is that the most answers you seek lie within.

Work on getting in touch with your inner being. Remember that whatever effort you put in during the Jupiter Retrograde will come back to you in full bounty once the Retrograde ends.

Be kind and pull your sleeves up as you need to dig deep to gain clarity.

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1 comment

EL May 9, 2020 - 11:43 pm

We are “all” in the transformation (trans-form-at-i-on) “now”! What numerous folks feel is a prison by “staying in place”, is actually an invitation and opportunity to shift from what was, to what is, and will be (you get to choose the creation you want in your life!)… Make it good for “all”…\ As the earth heals, so do we!… Choose to see the gift in what is happening (awakening from the Matrix, appreciating all that we once took for granted), rather than focusing on the destruction… Sometimes the old has to die in order for the new to arrive… Open to this birth that is happening both within and without… Your inward pilot light is lit, glowing brightly, expanding outwardly with other lights, creating the new earth now! Be love and you are never alone! Namaste…


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