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Full Strawberry Moon On June 27th/28th, 2018: The Deep Meaning Of ‘Cancer—Capricorn’ Polarity

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On Thursday, June 28, 2018, at 12:53 AM, the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn. The Full Moon at this time marks the amalgamation of promises and fulfillment of a brighter future.

It is the time when we connect with ourselves as well as others on an emotional level. It is the time of love, vows, and fertilization. It also shows us how well we can keep our promises intact in a relationship.

This helps us to focus on our commitments to our loved ones and also how we treat them when we are in a relationship with them.

When the Moon in Capricorn is opposed by the Cancer sun then it leads to the occurrence of a Full Moon. This leads to the concept of ‘Cancer-Capricorn polarity’ which has a deep impact on our lives.

Cancer represents our private life and Capricorn represents our public life. Our private life includes nurturance, love, domesticity, and attachments whereas, on the other hand, our public life includes taking responsibility, rewards, career, and achievements.

The polarity comes into play when we have to maintain a perfect balance between conditional love and the love that is not at all conditional.

Cancer and Capricorn represent many other things as well. Choosing between the two of them and what impact it would have on us depends upon various factors.

It depends on our perspective towards life, our nature and the kind of person that we believe to represent.

Cancer encourages us to be dependent, to value our home base and it also represents origin whereas, on the other hand, Capricorn helps us to focus on being responsible, fulfilling our duties and achieve our goals.

All these factors have great implications for our lives. The options that we choose represent who we are and what we stand for.

This is the time when we should feel free to express ourselves to the world. We should stop letting other people judge us. The Full Moon helps in bringing out all the emotions that are there inside of us.

With the help of the bright sky, the Full Moon helps in illuminating our lives. The conflicts between roots and directions are illuminated, brightening the paths of our lives.

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