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Sturgeon Full Moon Rising In Pisces Today, August 26th: Emotional Times

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The Native Americans have a separate parallel zodiac system and you must have read articles on the internet about their animal-inspired symbols.

The full moon on the 26th of August is one of the holier one if one follows their system: it is the full moon of the sturgeon.

The sturgeon is an ancient species of fish native to the great lakes. Interesting fact: you get caviar from their eggs.

These fish grow to formidable sizes and they survive, if conditions are right, for more than a century. Imagine the sights this fish sees. Technically, there might be sturgeons alive today who have seen the beginning of World War I.

The symbolism of this full moon hence is simple, you shall be like the brave sturgeon, braving all conditions and survive; be it summer, fall or winter.

The matter at hand is to be resilient no matter what the conditions around. That might require a bit of arrogance and pride, but that is nothing to worry about; life requires all kinds of emotions, even pride, ego, and arrogance.

The Native Americans called August full moons as belonging to the grain, or barley full moons.

This is because this was when harvests were done by the squaws in the millet fields. This was when year-long toil was awarded, or in some cases, punished with poor harvests.

The meaning is simple, this is the moon of revelations, of results and of understanding. And harvests are not a solo effort; things in life always require external help of some kind.

This moon’s energies will help you realize a basic truth: that life is a tag race; you depend on the ability and magic of others as much as they depend on you.

The way the world thinks has become more and more collective over the last couple of years, and this is thanks to nothing else but the internet.

Despite having its drawbacks, it is also an immense repository of knowledge which can only be fully realized and utilized when people communicate better and smoother using it.

The energies of the full moon would bring these things into effect. 

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