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The Scorpio New Moon Will Spare These 3 Zodiac Signs The Trouble

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by Conscious Reminder

The November New Moon is rising on 15th November in the sign of mysterious Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon is bringing us fresh opportunities.

As we prepare to face our darker side and embrace our fears, the New Moon will pave the way for new spiritual beginnings.

New Moons are associated with fresh starts and the Scorpio Moon, especially so. There are some potent planetary clashes going on, but the Moon is in positive aspects with Pluto and Jupiter.

This empowers us to connect with other people on a more meaningful level. These 3 zodiac signs will have the smoothest shifts under this luminary:


Since you are riding quite high, the darker energy of the November Moon won’t impact you too much. With Mars finally turning direct, you are motivated and focused.

Use this energy to look inside and face your reality. Be it your desires, motives, or your relationships, it requires you to put in honest work now. You have the power within to see this phase through. So keep working!


The Scorpio New Moon is here to help you introspect. Observe how you communicate and see where you can improve. As your ruler Mercury moves away from the Retrograde shadow, it will clear a lot of the brain fog.

With this new clarity of thought, communication will become easier. You might feel emotional vulnerability, something you’re not quite used to. This is the Moon’s nudge to you- embrace this emotional rawness.


If things are rushing past you this weekend, take some time to rest alone. When reality turns into a dream for you, embrace it the way it is, Sagis! You have been under a lot of stress lately, but you always have your inner dream world.

Seek refuge there, and you will find solutions for your stress. Dream journaling, meditation, and other methods can help you relax and rejuvenate as the Scorpio Moon rises. Go for an extra hour of sleep if you want!

Let the watery energy of the Scorpio New Moon this November be your guide to the inner realms. While these three signs are relatively safe, they can still work on themselves to make the most of the energies.

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