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Your Soul Is Warning You: These Are The Signs That It’s Getting Tired

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us believe exhaustion to be something that our body is dealing with. There are mostly physical manifestations of it. We feel sleepy, we can’t work properly and we get really tensed.

Yes – these can be physical manifestations but the problem could be so much deeper than that. Sometimes, it’s not our body that is hurting but our soul. Our soul can be exhausted too.

Here are the signs when your soul is completely tired:

1. Exhaustion even after rest

The first sign can be not waking up properly even after the right amount of sleep. Yes, sleeping can help your body recover, but your soul is still exhausted. Sleep can’t bring enough rest or peace to your soul.

2. Escaping the reality

When you do not like the present, you apply all kinds of ways to escape it. You would start re-living parts of your happy past by playing retro video games or reading books you loved during your childhood. You don’t want to deal with the more realistic present.

3. No motivation

Since you are exhausted, you will have no motivation to do anything new or worthwhile. It will not matter what the results of a certain task turns out to be. A good or bad outcome does not affect you in any way. Eventually, you will feel more tensed about how you are going around in life, with apathy.

4. Emotional Swings

Are you often sad and then, the next moment, you are somewhat pleased? Can you identify your mood swings? If your emotional swings are affecting your life and your relationship with other people, then maybe it’s time to look within. Your soul might be tired and in conflict with itself.

5. Pretension

We are often prone to pretension when things go wrong. We like to hide our pain, not only from others but from our own selves too. This way, we can lie to ourselves and be happy. However, creating this grand illusion of ‘everything is fine’ does not help when the soul weeps.

6. Loneliness

Since you are apathetic and a victim of emotional swings, people tend to feel that you want to be alone. Plus, you are always pretending and smiling so people will not ask you ‘What’s wrong?’ The result – you end up being terribly alone. You feel like no one understands you and no one is ever going to help you. You struggle with loneliness every day.

7. Hiding

This is the obvious sign that your soul is tired. You want to keep yourself behind a shield and remain hidden. However, you can’t just lock yourself away from people. The result is: you are always feeling terrible when there is any unwanted interaction taking place. You just wish to be alone.

8. Pessimism

When things don’t turn out to be the way it should, then you end up in a negative spiral. However, not everything needs to look bad. We can always see the silver lining in the darkest clouds. However, when your soul is exhausted, you will always end up with dark thoughts. Your pessimism shines and you cannot put anything in a positive light.

How To Fix It?

There are some small ways you can fix an exhausted soul:

  • Talk to an expert physician about your mental health.
  • Get out of toxic relationships as fast as you can.
  • Open up to a trusted friend or loved one.
  • Take a vacation. A small trip can ease your soul.
  • Try to look at the positive side of things.
  • Appreciate the small things.

Identify when your soul is exhausted and re-energize it. Best of luck.

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