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Stop Forcing Happiness, Your Life Is Already Imperfectly Perfect And You Need To Start Enjoying It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We get it. You’ve set your aim up high. You are absolutely determined to reach your goals, however extravagant they might seem to be right now. Sounds perfect until now? Yes. 

But the problem lies in the undertone of the context: your endeavor is turning into a selfish obsession and you are risking your relationships with your family and close friends in the process. But you say, “No pain, no gain”, right? Well, things do not exactly turn out to be so in the real world.

Don’t lose out on happiness

Beneath all our busy daydreaming to build an empire out of material desires, we often tend to forget the most important aspect of our lives – happiness. It’s good to take your goals seriously. But you need to set up proper, realistic goals first! Never take your life to be race, as opposed to what your high school teacher might say. 

There’s no race

Life is anything but a fierce competition with your peers. It’s a race with yourself – to develop yourself into a better human being, to learn and grow up to be a responsible person of the society. Nobody will push you to fulfil your aims in life, true. But make sure not to isolate yourself from everyone in the process. 

Because once you reach your goal, who the hell are you going to celebrate the feat with? So, get out of the loop of chasing materialistic desires and selfish aims and do something worthwhile to calm down your mind – write a journal reflecting upon your own life and meditate. Refreshed? Very well, then. So what is enjoying life all about, you ask?

Invest in yourself and your loved ones

Well, to enjoy life is not just to achieve materialistic goals in life. Real happiness lies in the little moments of self-discovery and is measured by something way more valuable than money and gold – love. 

Chester Bennington, one of the most influential musicians of our era, left a small lesson for us to ponder upon – “Love is what keeps us kind.” And he is not wrong! It’s only the essence of love that drives you to be a better person and to endure the rollercoaster ride called life. 

So, buckle up and start your own journey towards a truly happy life and embrace the little imperfections along the way to call them souvenirs of your soul’s revival.

Bon Voyage!

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