The Time When You Start Feeling Distant From Your Twin Flame

When we first find our twin flame we feel as if the whole world is beautiful and we have finally understood the purpose of our existence.

We have someone who will stand by us no matter what and together the two of us would ascend into a higher awareness. But after a certain amount of time, all the happiness and energy might seem to be fizzing out.

You would suddenly find yourself questioning the very relationship that you were swearing by.

There might come times when you start doubting whether you drove into it too soon, or maybe misread the signs and it was never was what you made it out to be. Such feelings will definitely give anyone a fright and anxiety, but you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Rather think of it as an essential phase in your mutual evolution, without crossing which you cannot move forward to the next one.

A time for yourself

In 9 cases out of 10, if you are feeling distant from your spiritual twin, it means that there is someone else who needs to get your attention. And that someone else is you.

Granted that the journey of spiritual enlightenment is one which is undertaken by both the partners together, but sometimes they might need to walk a lit bit afar to solve their own turmoil, before they can travel together again. There is nothing strange about it and nearly everyone goes through it.

Time for Self Love

It is possible that you have been thinking so much about the two of you that you might have been ignoring your individuality a bit. You might not have noticed but things from your past have been creeping back up because you pushed them aside in a rush when you first met your twin flame.

But when you take some time for yourself, you will be able to deal with all these old feelings and wounds from your past, and finally move on from them, for once and for all.

And once you give this time and self love that you deserve, you will once again return to your twin flame and this time the connection will be stronger than ever before.

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