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The Art Of Not Reacting To Every Single Thing That Happens Around You

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Man’s impulsive instinct is to react violently against circumstances which do not affect him positively.

The concept of vengeance stems back to the Stone Age when humans had to survive against all odds to survive in the cruel world. In today’s modern world, however, this kind of approach might get you behind bars!

No, but seriously, have you ever thought how you could skip the momentary phases of violent reaction for a happy life? Contemplating about seeking revenge or reacting profusely does not lead to a happy outcome in the end. The secret mantra, according to scientific studies, consists of just 4 words – DON’T REACT. BE PROACTIVE.

You repent it later

Now, you might wonder how this will have a positive outcome on your end. Reacting immaturely leads you down a spiral of bad decisions and anxiety. The aura of negativity engulfs your mind and you are left behind to wonder, “what else could I have done?!” The answer is simple – be proactive.

When you hit a brick wall during a personal endeavour, you should never try to force your way through it. Instead, find a way around it. Think about the pros and cons of the odds and find a solution. Now that’s being solid proactive!

Choose your peace of mind

Feeling at peace with your own self is honestly the most under-rated feeling in the world. The only way you can actually do this is to not react to anything and everything that is bothering you right now.

Accept the fact that you can never bring a permanent change to a trivial problem singlehandedly. Life is a blend of positive and negative outcomes.

If you can filter out the negativity and cliché drama from your life and focus on your personal objectives and the ambience of little acts of love all around you, the task becomes so much easier than it looks like!

Your key to eternal happiness

Once you can train your mind to go around the “brick wall” of petty drama and ego fights, you can congratulate yourself wholeheartedly. Because after all, you’ve just decoded the ultimate mantra of self-satisfaction!

Sure, you might never get to know the details of some unnecessary circumstances full of drama, but you will reach that level of your spiritual mind which never finds itself out of track in life, chasing the much-craved notion of success – eternal happiness.

So, every time you feel the urge, remind yourself that no reaction is the best reaction!

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