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144 Major Earthquakes Shook Earth Last Week And No One Says Anything

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by Conscious Reminder 

The population of the world is one of the foremost problems that is plaguing the human existence for a long time, which is why we seem to have forgotten its severity and urgency, and have shifted it to the backseat.

This is making the problem even more serious, as we are not taking the consequences of this problem as seriously as we should, and a fairly recent example of this were the staggering 144 earthquakes that rocked, quite literally, the Earth. 

It would be normal for us to think that the sheer volume of the earthquakes would have a huge reaction and response from people all over the world, but surprisingly, there has not been much talk about it at all.

The area that was the epicentre of these earthquakes was the Pacific Ring of Fire, the belt of volcanoes that we have all learnt about in our grade 8 geography books. What makes this area particularly prone to earthquakes is the fact that it is located right near the tectonic plates and is home to most volcanoes in the world.

So, even though the area is basically an earthquake hub, there is not much attention drawn until and unless it is a major earthquake, and an earthquake can only be called major if it surpasses 4.5 magnitude. An earthquake with the same or a higher magnitude can destroy lives and property in unimaginable degrees and even make rehabilitation practically impossible.

Among all the hundred and forty four earthquakes that took place, there were two that were of really high magnitudes, 8.4 and 7.3, the former near Ndoi Island and the latter near the coast of Venezuela. By an insane stroke of luck, there were no lives lost or any property destroyed but it has been cited to us by scientists and seismologists that earthquakes of this intensity have not been observed in these areas since the 18th century.

This area has been seeing earthquakes happening in a pattern since its conception, which means that this extreme number of earthquakes can be the start of something more devastating than the world has ever seen.

This area is ever active, and earthquakes take place one after the other because of the forces that are given birth to, by the first earthquake and that is how the whole system follows. There is more to this, if we see the map of the area, we will discover that this earthquake prone area is part of the westcoast of the United States of America.

What is interesting about this is that this part of the ring of fire has laid dormant for the longer part and these flurry of earthquakes may be a signal or a sign of something that may come upon America, who is as of this moment, largely ignorant of these phenomena.

If there must be a solution to all of this, it must be first recognising the pattern in which these earthquakes keep hitting the area and so on. 

In conclusion, the bigger picture might be at stake here, which is why it is time we approached the bigger problems, one of which is elaborated upon in the article, in the beginning.

The ever growing population of the world is a scientifically recognised reason for a lot of natural disturbances in the world so one would not be wrong to say that we are truly running out of time with every passing moment.

The earthquake of the 7.3 magnitude is the biggest earthquake to have hit the Venezuelan coast in the history of mankind. Awareness is key. 

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