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Leo Black Super New Moon On July 31/August 1: Use The Powerful Energies Wisely

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you ready to experience the Black New Moon In Leo on 31st July? This Moon comes with the power of 3: it’s a New Moon, a Black Moon, as well as a Super Moon.

Whew, that’s a lot to handle in a single night! But why just stop with the Moon. The Mercury Retrograde also comes to an end on July 31st. So get ready for all this potent energy.

The Black Moon

Black Moons are the second New Moons occurring in the same calendar month. This rare event occurs with an interval of 29 months. Your location on the world map decides when you experience this Moon. You could have this on July 31st or August 1st, but even if it is August for you, it will still be a Black Moon! The U.S.A. is all set for the July 31st Black Moon.

What’s So Super?

When the Moon is nearest to our Earth in a particular monthly orbit, we call it a Supermoon. Because of the shortened distance, the Moon appears brighter than ever and so much larger! Supermoon, Black Moons, Blue Moons, Harvest Moons, etc are all parts of folklore as well!

The Effects

1. Family

All the different aspects of this New Moon are set to shower its blessings on us. ‘Hive mind’ among your family members will be on overdrive. Now Moon is associated with the ‘spirit of the ancestors’ according to Chinese astrology. The Leo New Moon has great reverence for the older generations.

Your focus will be on acquiring substantial wealth. Inheritance will be key: an inherited talent or material family inheritance will be very important. Family values will also be tested. Some might feel pressurized to strongly identify with your clan.

While it is comforting to know the family has your back, this Black New Moon might expose some skeletons from the family closet. This will lead to nasty feuds. But on the other hand, this might also be the time you get to finally reconnect with a missed family member.

2. Self

New Moons are the time for new beginnings. So fix your intentions for the coming month. You could indulge in some ritual to make a proper beginning, wiping the slate clean. The cleansing energy will be amplified by the Black Moon, which will make your latent desires and strengths surface.

Not just positive desires, some scary secrets could come out as well. As your negative emotions like envy and hatred come to the forefront, drama may ensue.

Patience is a must and think before you leap. Do not blame yourself for these negative emotions. They need to be purged from time to time and this Black New Moon is waiting to help you do just that.

Mercury Retrograde

July has been hard for most with the double Eclipses and Mercury going Retrograde. But yes finally it’s over. The rest of the year turns quite enjoyable as you feel the intense pressure vanishing. So make sure you celebrate this Black New Moon! Focus on your intentions and have faith in them to carry you through.

New Beginnings

New Moon symbolizes the process of an idea being breathed to life. So it is important that you wisely utilize this time. The old must die to pave the path for new beginnings. What was holding you back will be illuminated during this time. This New Moon is the period to plant your seeds of manifestation, and you can start harnessing the energy of all beautiful things around.

Take Care

Take care of yourself and be prepared to dive in the energy of this New Black Moon head first! It has a transformational vibe and is the right time to start something new and exciting. It will be spectacular. Make sure you’re ready for it all!

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