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She Is Not Clingy, She Just Loves You With All She’s Got

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Being in love is one of the best experiences that one could ever have. You tend to get an emotional, physical and a mental attachment to the person you love.

Women, would never leave a chance to tell you how much they love you, or want to be with you. She isn’t being clingy. She is too protective about you and might not want to stay away from you at all.

It may seem as if she is suffocating you, but leaving her for that isn’t a good reason. She isn’t needy. 

She wants to hold on to you.

The way your lady treats you, is her choice. She believes in clinging on to you, because, you belong to her.  Even though others might think that she is being too bossy or clingy, she doesn’t care. Her concern is being with you. Her love for you isn’t just a matter of words. She genuinely means it and is ready to be with you, forever. 

She’ll leave no stones unturned in loving you.

She knows that she is constantly judged by others for clinging on to you (considered as a negative thing, by some) but she doesn’t care. She is happy with the way she is and wouldn’t hesitate for even a moment to show that she loves you. Having experienced every other aspect of being in a relationship, she knows the value of true love. She will never take you for granted and will make serious efforts to stay with you, despite all odds. 

She knows her love for you.

Even if people think that her clingy nature is because of her insecurity, they are wrong. She has let you in her life with an open heart and is ready to do everything to make the relationship work. She expects you to know that she is confident about her love. 

She prioritizes the relationship.

She wants her relationship to be beautiful, transparent and true. She doesn’t want to suffocate you with mistrust or false ideas of love. She tells you everything about the relationship, her wants, her needs, her insecurities. She wants her love with you to grow for years to come. She wants to protect you and forget about the world, when she is with you.

Feel lucky to have found your true love.

She loves you with all her heart and is devoted to you. She isn’t uncertain about her relationship. Feel proud that she doesn’t fear, showing you her love and care. She is not needy or weird. Love her the way she is, she might be the best partner you could ever get.

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