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Warning Signs That Show You Are Suffering From Soul Exhaustion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our daily lives are becoming more and more stressful each day. Life has become extremely complicated.

Our daily routines are filled with meanderings and challenges. At times we feel physically drained. At other times, our very soul is the source of tiredness.

Even after changing our routines, this weariness and exhaustion do not seem to leave us. This is known as Soul Fatigue. Here are the 9 most typical symptoms that show you are experiencing Soul Fatigue:

1. Emotions In Conflict

Confusion usually accompanies tiredness. That is also true for our souls. You may have noticed that your feelings are akin to a roller coaster ride. You suffer from mood swings and do not know why. Resentment, hate, anger – all these emotions fight within you constantly. It does not allow you to feel good at all.

2. Confusion On The Inside

You cannot seem to give a simple answer when you are how your life has been going. This means that you are trying to analyze how you are as a complete entity, however, it is failing. All sensations and feelings have become very complex and confusing. As such, you do not know how to explain or describe them. This can make you feel extremely disorganized.

3. Disinterest

You have been trying your hardest to rest but the tired sensation just does not leave you. As a result, you no longer have the enthusiasm to meet people or even walk around. Nothing seems important anymore. You ignore your needs, problems, and goals. You no longer think of yourself as a priority. This disinterest can increase stress as well as damage your health since daily duties are left unfulfilled.

4. You No Longer Recognize Yourself

Your loved ones may talk to you about the past when you were with them and things were happier. In those stories, you seem a satisfied and delightful person. Now, though, you no longer know who you are. No longer do you feel like that person in the past. That past self seems to have been replaced by a complete stranger.

5. Always Tired Physically

No matter what you do, or how long you sleep, you always wake up tired. It seems like every ounce of your energy has been drained. The entire day is spent trying to trudge on despite this tiredness dragging you down.

6. Body Pain

There was nothing new in your day. Yet your body feels like you have just finished a marathon. You have blurry vision, aches across the entire body, and tense muscles. Dizziness and pain in your head and stomach are also present.

7. Daydream

When real life becomes too challenging, you start thinking of the life you want to have. You take solace in reminiscing about the past. However, the future scares you. If you tend to daydream a lot to avoid life’s challenges, then heed it as a sign that your soul needs help.

8. Loneliness

No matter how many people are around you, you feel entirely alone. Moreover, since you chose not to show that you are facing this trouble, your loved ones have no idea that you are in need of help. As a result, you start isolating even more since you think no one cares or can understand you. Remember that isolation is never the solution.

9. Negative Thoughts

You just can’t seem to keep yourself from always focusing on the things that have gone wrong. The person filled with love has become a sad person filled with resentment. Remembering only unpleasant moments can fill the soul with negative thoughts. However, this can be a definite hint of depression.

Finally, you might want to visit a medical practitioner if you have encountered any of these signs. It can be clinical depression or some serious physical condition. As such, they need proper medical treatment as soon as possible. 

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