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Twin Flames & Cheating

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We might often think that a twin flame relationship means ever faithfulness and that nothing can go wrong. This, unfortunately is not true.

Even though no relationship is like a twin flame one, there are always possibilities that a twin flame relationship will suffer from the same issues as a normal one.

You may sometimes feel like your twin flame is distancing themselves for you or are not as serious about the relationship as you are. Things may sometimes go wrong and they may or may not cheat on you at some point. It is stuff that mortals cannot control. 

One might argue that it is impossible for a twin flame to cheat on their twin because they are parts of one soul but one forgets that there will always exist the concept of choice.

Twin flames might be like two sides of the same coin but they look at the world differently from one another.

One of them might be in a more secure state of mind and the other one might still want to experience more before settling down or being completely sure about what they are doing. People grow in different paces and there is not much that can be done about it. 

So basically, we all have to understand that even if we are in a twin flame relationship, we might get cheated on at some point, and that it would still be a twin flame relationship even if it does not last forever.

One always has to remember that perfection is a myth and there will always be some kind of imperfections in us and the person that we are with, and that these things are beyond our say. We have our shortcomings and our twin flame will have theirs.

That is just how things work. This however does not mean that our twin flame will definitely cheat on us, but this is to tell us that there is always a possibility and it would not be absolutely unearthly if it does happen. 

We cannot see the future, we can only hope for the best.

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