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Everyone’s Talking About Florence, But There Is A Bigger Storm Going On And We All Turn A Blind Eye

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by Conscious Reminder

The east coast of the US has already issued SOS as the super storm Florence has already hit it, with torrential rainfall in the state of Carolina, as we speak.

Atlanta and Georgia are only second on its list.

This storm has had people talking, feeling anxious and fearing for their lives for quite some time since the initial forecast now. And of course, all the fear is for good reason. Storms like this not only destroy property and lives, but also end up breaking the survivors’ spirits.

And we all know pretty well, that it takes time to heal from that.

But the bad news does not end here, as while the East coast deals with Florence, a super-typhoon is headed towards South-East Asia.

Worst of all, it might just be the biggest, worst and most destructive storm we have seen in this season.

Thing is Mangkhut or Ompong, depending on its area, has not been publicised at all in the continental US. The superstorm is going to hit parts of China and mostly Indo-China, like Laos, Vietnam and Philippines.

The storm has already been classified as a category-3 superstorm. And worse, this storm has been gathering and garnering more and more speed and strength as it has been progressing.

The winds of this superstorm will range around 158-160 mph. And it is just as scary as it sounds. It will destroy every piece of land it comes in contact with. All the areas that it is going hit are extremely populous and arable. The damage might just be extremely unprecedented.

The island of Guam, which is a US territory has already been tore through by this superstorm, and the governor of said territory has already asked for help from president Trump.

Marshall Islands have also been affected by Mangkhut. Brandon Miller, meteorologist with CNN, said that it will cover a far more extensive area and achieve far higher wind speeds that Florence.

The next territory on the path of this destructive force of nature is the country of Philippines. The country is highly dense in its population and according to the newspaper Al Jazeera about five million lives will be affected by it.

In the country of Philippines, schools are being closed and evacuations are beginning. Right at this moment they need all the prayers they can from each and every one of us. After this has passed, and hopefully it wouldn’t flatten everything in the tiny country absolutely outright, we must all do our tiny bit to help them.

And the effects of panic are showing on the faces of the people of Hong Kong as well. Food prices are at an all-time high, and stockpiling of essentials has already begun.

Despite all the figures, predictions and speculations, how this devil’s dice of a storm will play out, is beyond human comprehension. Every second is going to seem like an eternity. We can only imagine what is playing on the minds of the people who are going to be affected.

Prayers will not be enough. People need to be prepared to help others. Natural disasters are like two-way tickets, wherever they happen, they will end up affecting the entire world, as prices will fluctuate and things will get dearer by the day; not to mention the damage of life and property that is going to happen.

These are trying times with climate change causing all kinds of chaos, especially in regions which do not possess the resources to solve the wrongs done to them.

So it is up to everyone on the planet to help and support each other in any way possible.

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