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Venus Is Going Retrograde October 5th: Get Ready For Some Venus Madness

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by Conscious Reminder 

Appearing on 5 October at 3:04am ET and ending at 16 November 5:50am ET, the Venus retrograde emerges at 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio and concludes at 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra. It enters the sign Libra during Halloween.

Starting with Scorpio, the first influences are quite mysterious, energetic, passionate and controlling. Therefore it hints at trouble in paradise. Scorpio is a sign that is famous for being bold, bursting with passion, possessive and domineering.

Scorpio is likely to spill some gossip as Jupiter enters and Venus is in retrograde. Jupiter also stretches out which complicates the scenario. Venus and Jupiter combined can delay the entire process as they’re quite lazy.

Another added issue of this time is that it might get quite hostile, angry and hateful. Conflicts may arise which will compel us to control others. This will definitely create more problems and start more arguments. Starting issues with everyone will ultimately result in your loss, so be very careful and keep calm in the face of arguments.

Scorpio is known for being stubborn and arrogant. Therefore it’s important to express yourself and loosen up. You’ll be overwhelmed because of the intense feelings and thoughts, henceit is important to sort them out and utilise them in a productive manner. Utilise all that passion to do something worthwhile.

Romance and sexual desires are handled by Scorpio and so during this time some old flames might get rekindled, especially those whom we haven’t yet quite managed to forget and still nurture some feelings towards. Moreover relationships that are still in a formative state might crumble down due to lack of passion.

This star sign influences the financial aspect of people’s lives and so in this period we need to be careful about our money as well as large scale issues which might arise. A country might suffer major loss or an important person might get tangled in monetary problems. Certain illegal transactions and business might come to the forefront as well.

It is also a time where major changes in life like birth and death gets affected. If you want to make important changes in your life that are good and you’re sure about, then now is the time.

When Venus moves to Libra, it completely controls relationships, and brings forth major changes.

Relationships get affected a lot during this period but nothing is permanent.

The times might not be too stable and you’ll feel conflicted but you have to work towards peace and stability.

Libra is stronger for women and so it’s their moment to shine. It will focus on problems that women are facing and shine the limelight on important female figures or a significant issue. 

Libra is linked to justice and legality and as it moves to Sagittarius who rules law, it’s good to expect major legal changes in the world that will impact everyone greatly.

Initially, Venus square Mars will be in Aquarius which results in conflict, violence and intense emotions. Take a step back, evaluate your purpose and do good things.

The retrograde period will also see Venus against Uranus which will bring drastic changes in relationships. You’ll feel independent, adventurous and strong. 

Retrograde concludes with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. There’ll be a new moon in Libra and full moon in Taurus so expect strange activities. Hardships are along the way so buckle up. Scorpios born during 31 October – 6 November will be most affected and so will Librans during 16 – 22 October. Other signs should check their status too.

Hope you all have a good time during this retrograde!

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