Powerful Leo Lunar Eclipse January 21st: Self-Love Is An Imperative

by Conscious Reminder

As a result of the Full Moon in the sign of Leo on the 20th and 21st of January, doors are going to close, and chapters are going to end. This is a lunar eclipse which ushers a two and a half year process to come to a unique and dramatic close.

From summer 2016 until now, we were literally fighting all those challenges when it comes to balancing our self-expression in the collective. Since then, eclipses in Aquarius and Leo were pushing us to accept, express and love fully.

Some problems related to the journey will come in front of us. Self-love will move into our life imperative. Some friendly, affectionate connections will also be on the rise as our paths lead to different directions.

Most of the things we are experiencing right now are probably because of the Full Moon’s nature, which brings columniation. At the time of any lunar eclipse, there is an augmentation of the power with its revelations, endings, and departures.

Everything will come with thunderclaps, lighting or blots which will turn dark and then blazing white, changes in the last minute or explosions. The reason for this is as the new host of the event will be the cosmic artist, the planet Uranus, who is the one that is dealing with unexpected, alternative and liberation viewpoints.

The planet Uranus is particularly volatile because of the terrific pressure that it has from a pile-up of countervailing influences which are the pitting reason going against the emotion, or old ways going against future.

During the last several months, the pressure was constant, because the planet Uranus was traveling in one dynamic t-square configuration to the nodes of the Moon. At the time of the Full Moon in Leo, 2019, the planet Uranus is pushed between the Moon and the Sun.

So, one of the sides of this t-square actually has the Sun conjunct the South Node, cosmic messenger Pluto and Mercury, which is the lord of the rebirth and death and also an agent of unstoppable changes. Thoughts, realization, and information involve responsibilities, practices, institutions, and foundations, or even the relationship we have to authority.

The presence of the planet Pluto will make the information to flow stark, profound, and truthful because Pluto brings power games, terrors or secrets outside the shadow.

The emotional impulses coming from the Moon conjunct the North Node will make us feel the necessity of expressing ourselves or feel the need of being loved and to love.

With the planet Venus, which is the ruler of money, creativity, and relationships, we will get what we actually want, as it is connected with the optimistic and boundless planet Jupiter. When in the sign of Sagittarius, they will be out for adventure, stimulation, and fun.

The planetary pair also walks the formula needed for indulgence, so their inclinations will be pumped up by the square of the planet Neptune with its lovely cosmic for a machine.

The planets Jupiter and Venus will be in direct flow to the planet Mars, which is the one of action, happening in the sign of Aries, which is also of action. Relationships will not flow during this period. However, we will get along and have some fun.

This fun and fiery action are going to drive us on because the lunar eclipse happening now will blast our past away.

Besides, our heart is going to be upgraded, and we will be valuing or utilizing it in the ways we never did before.

We should focus on what actually remains, on new horizons, how to value ourselves, express ourselves and even enjoy this life, with people that also do such things.

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