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You Can Win A Zoom Date With Keanu Reeves And It’s For A Good Cause

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 has not been particularly kind on us mortals, but as we cross the halfway mark, there is a bit of good news. You can win a Zoom date with none other than Keanu Reeves!

Keanu Reeves is working with Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho-based cancer charity, reports CNN. If you want to go on a 15-minute Zoom date with Reeves, all you have to do is contribute to this charity and outbid the other donations!

For many of us across the world, meeting this man, even virtually, means a great deal. He is not just Mr. John Wick or the one only Matrix fans worry about. This humble and kind man has been everyone’s favorite for his endearing nature. And the acting comes as a bonus.

Ask anyone and they would agree, Keanu Reeves has a heart of gold. He can make us feel intense emotions, both on and off-screen. While on-screen he runs about to save his pet dog, off-screen he donates millions in charities to children’s’ hospitals. Ten years back, he set up a foundation, and his donations go via this foundation. It was only recently discovered that Reeves was the secret Santa donating the money.

The bidding for the Zoom date with Keanu Reeves started at the base price of $10,000, but one anonymous bidder pushed it up to $16,600! KHQ reports that the current amount for the virtual date has crossed the $50,000 mark. All donations raised will go to the cancer charity.

The bidding is open till 22nd June 2020. The lucky winner will enjoy their rare date with Reeves on the 6th of July.

The winner will have to follow certain rules. No funny business will be allowed. “Camp Rainbow Gold and/or the celebrity has the right to cancel the call if there is threatening or inappropriate behavior. Nontransferable, no returns or exchanges, not available for resale and no cash value.” If you are on a date with Reeves, chances are you will be on your best possible behavior, right?

Keanu Reeves’ latest act of charity in the midst of a pandemic will touch many hearts. Even if you do not win the virtual date, you will be contributing to a charity, one Reeves is attaching himself with.

We need more celebrities like Reeves to stand up for the right causes. Who knows, maybe your other favorite movie stars might make charity virtual dates the next big things!

Image credit: Netflix

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