Leo Season 2020 Is Here: Time Of The Year That Brings Fiery Energies And Magic

by Conscious Reminder

As we cross the emotional waters of Cancer, fiery Leo season awaits us.

Between 22nd July and 22nd August, we will feel the warmth of the Sun shining on our soul and revitalizing our body. Many astrological events await us this month, including the activation of the Lionsgate Portal.

23rd July- Neowise Comes The Closest

Leo season 2020 starts with the Neowise comet coming the closest to the planet. It is often believed that comets bring messages of great change from the heavens. They hold the secret to how new changes will unfold in the coming days.

Neowise coming so close is a truly rare phenomenon given that it is visible from the earth every 6800 years. So the message it brings will also be quite rare. The comet might purge us of toxic energy and renew our energy field.

25th July- Mars Enters Shadow Period

The fiery planet will now slow down and prepare to turn Retrograde in September. Observe the events happening in this Shadow period as it will indicate what the Retrograde might bring for us. When Mars turns Retrograde, we won’t have much motivation to pull off important projects. So you have time till September to power through those projects now.

2nd August- Sun And Uranus Square

The days leading up to 2nd August will make us a bit shaken. We won’t be able to ground ourselves easily. This feeling has persisted for most of this year, but the Sun-Uranus square will only highlight it further. This could be an opportunity for you to finally wake up from a slumber, to awaken the powers within, and reach your higher consciousness.

3rd August- Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon in Leo season 2020 will have Uranus’ effect on it. If you find yourself in a situation where you are caught off-guard, be patient. Try to see what the universe is trying to show you. Emotions will run high, but don’t try to control the things you can’t. Let go and see where it leads you.

4th August- Mars-Jupiter Square

Mars will play quite an important role in the coming few months. When Mars squares Jupiter this coming month, it will bring a sense of restlessness. If you have a reason for this irritability, it will be easier for you to navigate the emotions.

7th August- Venus In Cancer

Leo season 2020 will have Venus shifting signs from Gemini to Cancer. The planet has recently finished its Retrograde, along with the completion of its 8-year cycle. Venus will leave behind the chaotic energy, and embrace the loving and feminine powers of Cancer, which fits very well with its own powers.

8th August- Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal 2020 will be a supercharged one. As the Sun, Earth, and Sirius align this August, we will feel the energy that pushes us towards a higher realm of consciousness. As the Portal peaks during the 5th and 8th, we can let our souls travel between the realms. Prepare for third eye awakenings, heart activations, and also for messages coming from across the realms.

13th August- Mars-Pluto Square

Mars is going to have a blast this Leo season 2020. Both Pluto and Mars being fiery in their energies, the struggle will be real now. Power, resistance, and aggression will be common themes during this time. These themes will indicate how the closing months of 2020 will play out. Pay attention to the details now.

15th August- Uranus Turns Retrograde

Uranus will turn Retrograde in Taurus in August and stay so for the rest of the year. As it travels through the underworld, it will remind us to go through the changes that have already happened. This is our chance to review those changes and accept them unconditionally.

18th August- Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon will bring creative energy with it. We might feel the urge to speak out the truth, which would reveal our own powers. Embrace the energies of this New Moon.

Leo season 2020 will be quite busy in terms of the cosmos. The energies will be intense. But we need to loosen our grips and follow the path the Universe is showing us.

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