Autistic 11-Yr-Old Sings Captivating Version Of “Hallelujah” With Pentatonix


by Conscious Reminder

Music does more than just sound good to our ears, music can make things feel divine, music can heal our souls and take us anywhere we need to go.

When words fail, it is music that helps us connect with other human beings because people delve deeper and can contemplate better when they hear music. 

The gift of music is a true blessing, if one has it, they can serve mankind better. You might or might not have heard of Kaylee Johnson, an 11 year old participant in the show Little Big Show, who won hearts with her rendition of Hallelujah and has blown up on the internet ever since.

Kaylee is not just another kid with an aptitude towards singing, there is much more to her story. Kaylee was born autistic and has ADHD. She used to be extremely reserved; barely talked, let alone sing.

What changed things for her was taking part in a group activity with her classmates that involved singing and Kaylee had so much fun being a part of it that she could not stop singing!

The rendition of Hallelujah that she performed with her friends was watched and re-watched so many times that she became an internet sensation and was soon seen in Little Big Shots, winning all the little as well as the big hearts.

Her interest in singing has changed her life on a personal level too, she is not as reserved and introverted as she used to be and takes part in all kinds of extracurricular activities now, she makes friends more easily too. 

Talking of her friends, we ought not to miss out the acapella group, Pentatonix, who joined Kaylee on stage as she blew the audience away with her voice. 

Kaylee is looking at a world of success in front of her if she keeps singing and mesmerizing the crowd with her energy and vibe. 

We wish her all the best and hope to see her topping the charts in the near future.

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