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Chiron Enters Aries Today, And It’s All About Empowering Your Inner Warrior

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by Conscious Reminder

This 2019, Chiron will be coming in Aries. Now the natural question arises: what is Chiron? Well, we have to go to Greek mythology to understand it. As per Greek Mythology, Chiron was the son of the powerful Saturn.

He was also the most educated among all the other Centaurs and possessed healing abilities. But ironically, when he was struck with Hercules’ arrow, he lived with his pain and failed to heal himself. Another interesting thing about Chiron is that he is represented as a key.

Because of this wound that handicaps Chiron, he is also referred to as the ‘wounded healer’. When it comes in contact with us, we are forced to bring up our old wounds – wounds we thought we had buried a long time ago. So, it doesn’t sound the best thing, right?

Well, it may turn out to be your superpower if you are able to deal with your wounds better. After all, we must be able to understand our wounds, confront them and try to heal them so that we can rise above it. So, it’s time to look at your natal charts and see where Chiron is located. Work through it because it is going to bring wonders to your life.

18th February – Chiron Is Entering Aries

Chiron has been traveling down the dreamy Pisces for about 7 years and now, it is coming into the war-crazed Aries. Creativity and imagination are what defines Pisces – it brought compassion into our lives and made us one with love and the universe.

But what it may not have worked on was our confidence and our willpower. That’s where Aries comes into play. Aries brings a strong sense of identity in us. We start loving ourselves, understand our strengths, and start becoming more of an individual. We become who we are.

Often, we are not capable of understanding who we are. We start to think of ourselves in terms of how society looks at us and how we can change ourselves to appear better. But that is just the kind of thinking that results in the loss of humanity – in the loss of ourselves.

We become mere representations of what people want us to become. Aries tries to fight against that. It is not someone who will be defined by anything outside of itself – it will define itself. That’s the power of the war-crazed Goddess.

Being Yourself

But it doesn’t mean that you are already being defined by others. Maybe you are aligned with yourself and quite confident too. But there is always a reason why planetary alignments occur.

Even though you might be confident about yourself, there are times when you should look inside and bring some form of personal growth. Chiron in Aries is the time to study your own self.

Separate yourself from society and think about yourself as an individual – Who are you as an individual? Connect with your soul and be one with it. It will help you define who you really are within all the voices of society.

The Inner Warrior Rises

We need a lot of courage to make this internal adventure. We are a mystery to ourselves, even if we don’t admit it, and that makes it a lot more difficult. Chiron in Aries provides us with that courage to look within.

It helps us in bringing out our inner warrior which is willing to face the world outside, without listening to what others say. You will be standing up even though you might have to face a thousand blows. And that’s all right – you have the right to be unapologetically you.

So, be brave and go out there. Stand out. Because you are special and people should know about it, be you!

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