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June Horoscopes: 5 Planets In Retrograde & 2 Eclipses. This Is What To Expect

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by Conscious Reminder

June is here, and it brings along with it five Retrogrades. Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and Venus will all be in Retrograde at some point this summer.

Get ready for change and transformation, as the celestial bodies will unleash a variety of energies.


As the penumbral Lunar Eclipse takes place on the 5th, you will desire escape and adventure. You don’t really have to physically go anywhere, after all, it’s a digital age we live in! Take online tours and you will feel a sense of freedom. On 18th June, Mercury will be in Retrograde, and you will find yourself feeling unsettled about your “home.”


Mars will move into Taurus’ house of friendship, and it will encourage you to assess who your true friends are. Along with Mars, the Neptune Retrograde on 23rd June will affect you too. Time is right for you to sort out your finances and keep your personal relationships close by.


Since Venus is in Retrograde in your zodiac this entire month, you will blossom under it. Your social and love life will prosper. On the 19th, as Mercury starts it’s Retrograde, it will make you rethink your financial decisions. Mars will also encourage you to be more active and assertive in your work life.


On the 3rd of June, the Sun-Venus conjunction will revive your passion. The 5th June Lunar Eclipse will calm you down, balancing the energies in you. As Neptune starts it’s Retrograde on 23rd, expect a big change in life, it can come from any section, personal or professional.


Since Venus is influencing your house of friendship, expect to run into (most likely, virtually) your old friends. 18th June, Mercury will go Retrograde and help you figure out your self-sabotaging tendencies. You will gain clarity, use it wisely.


Venus will position itself in your professional life. It will influence you to rethink your career decisions. As the 5th June Lunar Eclipse occurs, you will crave for your personal space. As the month ends, your focus will turn to your family.


This month, you will desire for knowledge. Venus will influence you to reassess your reality and beliefs. Harness the various energies to gain clarity and give yourself a reality check. The Mercury Retrograde will encourage you to aspire for more in your professional life.


Financial stability is the keyword for you this month. The 5th June Lunar Eclipse will force you to check your unnecessary spending. On 18th, as the Mercury Retrograde begins, your intellect will be tickled. Use this time to learn more.


Mars will influence you to focus on creating a bubble inside your home. To go far, you need to go within. Clean up your home and you will get into the right mindset to meditate. As the month ends, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will encourage you to focus on your finances.


Venus’ energies will make you question your career choices. Do not be impulsive. Take time and assess what it projects would interest you and be beneficial for you. The 5th June Lunar Eclipse will give you clarity. 21st June Solar Eclipse will reveal to you your position in life.


Time is ripe for you to take a note from Gemini and spur up your social life. The 5th June Lunar Eclipse will help you with your self-confidence. 18th June Mercury Retrograde will encourage you to aspire for change in your professional life.


The 5th Lunar Eclipse will psych you up to dream big in your work life. Have faith, your goals are just within reach. Venus will influence you to connect, or in some cases reconnect, with your loved ones. This June, your role will be of a nurturer.

June 2020 is bringing us a ton of cosmic activity. Change and transformation are in the air!

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