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Consequences Of Saturn Turning Direct And Aligning With The South Node This September

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by Conscious Reminder

Saturn is all set to turn Direct from 18th September 2019. This will bring new vibrations as well as a new lesson we must work with.

Saturn is often called the Lord of Karma and the lessons that come along tend to be of the karmic type. With the planet turning direct, this energy of karmic lessons will be raised.

Saturn is transitioning in Capricorn, its ruling zodiac. This is the best location for Saturn with its powers of expression peaking. The South Node is in Capricorn now as well. So when Saturn turns Direct, they will be in alignment in Capricorn.

The South Node in astrology is a mathematical point which we link to our Moon. It represents all our experiences and knowledge from past lives while also showing us our purpose in the current one.

It symbolizes the strengths within us but we must not rely upon them during the current lifetime. This life is meant for us to explore our other talents and find new strengths.

When Saturn and the Node align, our karmic ties, as well as past bonds, will turn conflicting, followed by a clearing of the confusion. This will result in a release.

Do you have recurring feelings or feel stagnant in your life? Are you running in circles with the same kind of relationships or people? All of this can only mean one thing now.

When such difficult energies enter our lives, it is an indication that Karma is running the show. You need to work through these situations and sort them out.

For the next two to three weeks, be very alert about these karmic patterns. Investigate them and surely new messages will pop up. Make sure you don’t miss the notification!

Karma seems scary to those who don’t understand it. They view it as some sort of punishment or judgment. But since the laws of Karma aren’t man-made, they are never about judgment.

Karma is the textbook which contains all our life lessons. It not only has the lessons, but it also highlights our triumphs as well.

It includes the future and what we ought to learn in order to grow. Karma is the gift which makes sure we are always growing through our experiences and are advancing our souls.

The Saturn- South Node alignment is here to balance the sheets. Karma from the past must be cleared and we must move ahead with the next chapter of this textbook. The energies will be intense so be observant of your surroundings.

The energies will peak between 18-28 September but will spill over into the weeks before and after the dates. You may already be experiencing the effects.

People from your past life may make a comeback with a new message or lesson. You might be forced to resolve all conflicts now. Also, it will be easier to break out of long-time cycles to move ahead.

You will now have to step up and be responsible for your actions. Solutions which easily worked in your past may no longer work. You could also find closure regarding past events. Try to move out of your comfort zone now. You will have enough insight and guidance to help you explore the unknown.

The Lord of Karma is in the sign we associate with responsibilities. So before jumping to action, think how they may affect the world. Reflect on your beliefs and actions, whether they are truly rooted in love or past pains.

But also remember that we all are trying the best we can from our perspectives and consciousness. Errors are okay because we are just humans.

What we can do though is own our mistakes and take responsibility for the consequences. Find where you can improve and that will free you from judgment and help you grow.

Saturn is moving towards Pluto, along with the alignment with the Node. As Saturn gets closer to Pluto, we will be experiencing the energy of renewal. These two won’t align before January 2020 yet we will feel the effects when Pluto turns Direct later in the year.

As the South Node aligns with Saturn for now, remember to clear past issues but also don’t miss out on the present. You’re more than your past so don’t forget that now.

Most of us feel life is just happening to us. But the ones on a higher level of awareness know that humans are mere observers of Life.

We all are beings of timelessness. We are only experiencing the ‘human’ effect now. Your past, present, and future-  all of it is temporary as are you. So enjoy the experience and let go of the rest.

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