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It’s Libra Season: Time For The ‘Scales’ To Shine

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by Conscious Reminder

All of the 12 star signs have a corresponding creature that symbolizes the kind of personality they bestow.

For example, Cancer is secretive and symbolized by the crab which hides its softness behind a tough exterior.

Capricorns are forever struggling to get to the top of the corporate world and so their representative is the goat that climbs mountains. Accordingly, Libra too has a representative – scales that are in perfect balance.

It is the only symbol which is an inanimate object. While it may seem like an oddity, this is not without reason. 

With regard to time, the scales are very appropriate. Falling right in the middle of the transition between seasons, Libra is a symbol of fall and the setting sun.

Since the seasons are said to be representative of the cycle of life, Libra falls between the youthfulness of summer and the ending marked by winter. This is well represented by the scales that stand in balance and symmetry. 

Libra’s symbol also perfectly explains their approach to life. They take the time to pause, pay attention and reflect. The suspension of the scales is indicative of the Libran tendency to thoroughly analyze every possibility before making a decision.

Some might deride their inability to come to a quick decision but the truth is that Libras like to be just, impartial, and helpful in whatever they do. Whereas Capricorn’s goat is a symbol of how they act, Libra’s scales are a reflection of their mental state. 

While Libras aren’t as majestic as Leo or as fearsome as Scorpio, the scales that symbolize them give us a good view at their personality.

Though other symbols like doves, Aphrodite and the figure of Justice have been used, the scales are undoubtedly more popular than all the rest.

And if we’re on the hunt for a new age Libran symbol, we need look no further than Kim Kardashian West who is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a Libra in our times. 

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