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Finding Spiritual Balance: Maintain Your Aura As Bright As Possible

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The light that surrounds your physical body which provides balance is known as aura. Your body is surrounded by the energy of different colors.

These colors tend to change with your present mood. Mostly the colors of your aura should be clear and bright.

Suppose when you are angry or in pain, your colors will appear to be dark and muted. Your aura will remain muddy like until you shred away all the negativity.

It is very necessary to keep your colors bright and clear. We should pick one color and try to concentrate on it for the rest of the day in order to balance the chakra that the color represents.

The color of your dress, the food you choose will give you hint which chakra needs more attention.

Be very attentive with these colors as they are warnings signs. Always keep in mind that you have to be positive no matter what comes before you.

Doing meditation helps a lot to concentrate on your chakra. You can stay more focus if you perform meditation.

To start off your day, take a chakra and focus on it. Ask yourself which color needs special attention and how the chakra will be in perfect equilibrium?

Try to fill up your chakra with bright colors. Release the black energy into the universe. Follow this process while doing meditation.

In some cases at first shot you cannot accomplish it, but if you keep on doing the same the result will definitely come out.

If you become afraid of why it’s not working out and leave it on the way, then you are doing wrong.

Always remember you are doing it in such a way that you are removing all the negativity from your body gradually.

If the extra chakra is not needed, try to focus more on your base chakra and then when you find that your base chakra is in an absolute balanced state, then slowly start moving to your next chakra.

This way you will be able to balance all of your chakras.

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