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October Is The Month When The Veil Between The 3D And The Spirit World Fades Away

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by Conscious Reminder 

This October, there will be a meeting between our dimension and the spirit world. If you are a spiritual person, you can feel the mystical movements in the different dimensions, and you’ll feel a deeper connection with the long-lost dear ones.

You can sense the presence of other Worlds and if you are peaceful enough, you can even feel your connection with God. Make sure you thank Him for everything.

Specialty of October

This special significance for October is not something new. We have known it for a long time. It is the reason we celebrate Halloween in October. The origin lies in the Gaelic festival, Samhain, held on October 31st- November 1st. Samhain means, ‘summer’s end’, the end of the lighter half, and marks the beginning of winter, the darker half.

How Halloween Began

But it all began with the Ancient Celts. They considered All Hallows Eve to be the last day of the year, before November 1st, when the fairies, ghosts and goblins came down the hills. It was their custom to leave treats outside their doors, so that these supernatural beings can be pleased and would not harm them.

The custom travelled down to us in different ways and now it is referred to as Halloween. It’s clear that the veil that separates us from the spirit world is especially thin during this month and the ancients felt it. No wonder more people die in October than any other month – the closeness makes it easier for their soul to pass through.

The places we connect

Thin places, an ancient term used by the natives of Ireland, is a site where the veil of separation between the spirit world and our world is especially thin – somewhere outside where land and sky meet.

These Thin places are important because the two worlds are interwoven here. If you somehow come in contact with any such site, you will be actually standing and touching the two worlds simultaneously. Yes, you will be a bit vulnerable during this time. But there is a positive thing to it as well.

Here you can feel the presence of God, and your loved ones. But it’s not easy to connect with them. The instant connections you see on television are mere fiction – connecting with a spirit is hard work and dangerous. You should always use Spiritual Protection and remain under the protection of the white light of God. You’ll need it this October.

This is the time when we should honour our dear ones who’ve left us. We often call Grace when we have our dinners. This time, for your loved ones, you can set an extra place at the dining table. Conduct a Burning Bowl Ceremony in respect of them. Chances are they are listening to you and waiting to be acknowledged in your memory. You would not want to hurt them, do you?

Laws of Time and Space will be temporarily suspended during this period. You will be in connection with a different dimension and that would make you feel odd and a bit weak on all sides. When you can’t understand something, it always makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

But the Celts knew about this period. They believed that during this time you will be aware of supernatural happenings around you. The world will be filled with magic and full with supernatural power. Celts called it ‘Time which is no Time’ – a dangerous and beautiful time of union.

So be protected by the light of God and be careful. This October, remember and respect your late dear ones, for they will return to spend a day with you, only if you allow them to.

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