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A Psychic Reveals The Things She’ll Never Tell Her Clients

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Kerrie Erwin is the 58-year-old psychic medium who has an affinity for the afterlife. Erwin discovered she could talk to the dead when she was a child, and has since mastered her skills in order to help others.

Now, Erwin passes along messages from the deceased and helps people get through the loss of a loved one. Erwin spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed what it’s like to be a psychic, along with the things she’d never tell a client.

Reality. Imagine sitting down for dinner and all of a sudden hearing a disembodied voice in your ear, or smelling a random scent, or perhaps a song coming from out of the blue. For 58-year-old Kerrie Erwin, this is her reality.

Skills. The Australian native is a psychic medium, author, and energy worker and is able to communicate with those in the afterlife. Erwin is also able to remove negative energy from people’s auras, and tries to be as honest as possible with her clients.

Energy. “I would never tell a customer when somebody is going to die, or let them think they have an illness as I am not a doctor. I would never tell people I can remove curses or spirits for hundreds of dollars as I have seen people affected by fraudulent people so often, but I can remove negative energy,” said Erwin, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Problems. Erwin says oftentimes people will seek her out for problems she can’t help them with. If this is the case, she usually recommends they see someone who is familiar with whatever problems they are having and doesn’t pretend to know more than she does.

Spirits. Oftentimes however, the people that need the most help aren’t those who are still alive. In fact, many times she helps spirits stuck on earth cross over to the other side.

Rescue. “I work with spirit rescue, which is commonly known as ghost busting for souls that have not crossed over. Yes, these spirits or lost souls do exist, as they are often confused and trapped in the astral, which is a lonely grey world they do not belong in,” she says.

Family. Erwin maintains that she also has the ability to see into the future and more. She revealed that she’s also the only person in her family with these special gifts but that her relatives have grown used to her abilities.

Smells. “Often when I’m visiting my parents a lot of relatives or neighbors in the spirit world pop in around the dinner table when we are having meals to say hello. You get to smell cigarette smells, perfumes and all sorts of things. This always gives us a good laugh,” she said.

Connection. Erwin says many times the spirits actually communicate with her using words, and she even has conversations with them. Often times she learns their names and their cause of death and helps them move on to the afterlife.

Eternal. “When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal. It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns with living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones,” she continued.

Hard parts. Of course, there are negative sides to her abilities. The hardest parts are when she has to deal with parents who have lost a child or with the families of people who may have been killed under suspicious circumstances.

Healing. “Mothers and fathers of dead children are hard to deal with in the beginning but once connected to the child spirit there is a lot of laughter and healing as spirit children are so free, funny and happy in the spirit world,” said Erwin.

Mission. Despite how tough the job can be sometimes, Erwin says she believes it’s her mission to help others. She has since written books about her experiences in the hopes of comforting people all over the world.

Passion. “From a very early age I always knew my spiritual contract was to help people. I know I am here to make a difference and be of service in every way to loving spirit. Through my articles and books I am passionate about the work I do as a medium as it is an integral part of my life,” Erwin told the Daily Mail.

Books. Erwin has written nine books all based on her experiences and abilities. She can also be hired to do private readings and more.

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