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Palmistry: Bring Your Hands Together And These 2 Lines On Your Palms Match Up, It’s Something Incredible

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

An art since time immemorial, Palmistry focuses on the future of an individual, by making abstract calculations using the lines on someone’s palms. This also uses astrology to predict what could happen in someone’s life, be it personal or professional.

It believes in the old Greek philosophy of ‘fate and predestination’ where someone’s life is determined by his birth, and not by his actions. Palmists can see into someone’s life, just by looking at their lines.

The area that is focused here, deals with matters of the heart. Relationships, love, marriages, issues, and dealings that primarily need one to think with their heart, and not their head. But what we might consider as our own actions, by our own choice, ends up being a decision which has already been forced on us.

To know more, join both of your palms, and form a long chain with the line that is just below your fingers. Now, read on.

1. If the lines do not link together and the one on the left is higher than the right, it signifies you as someone who wouldn’t back down for love.

You are a risk taker. You like the challenges and the obstacles in your life, and want to overcome them, to prove to every one of your capabilities. This could also lead to opposite views of an intense, no-nonsense person, but you take it all in stride, because you have a lot more to focus on. This also could mean that you are physically very attractive.

2. If the line on your right is above the one on your left, it places you as someone whose mind, and soul is aged.

You don’t think that ‘normal’ exists, because it is right. You believe it to be society’s demands that forces people to conform to one social order, and you always try to deviate from it. You like people who are older, more mature, and usually end up with people who are older than you. You go way behind someone’s façade, and identify the real them. You are blunt, and sometimes, that creates a problem.

3. If your lines align perfectly, it portrays a beautiful, aesthetic soul that you possess.

You are humane. People come to you, because you always seem to have a solution to their problems. You go out of your way to help people, and while that may create a problem at times, you somehow overcome that, too. You are genuinely sympathetic about people, and always try to please whomever you meet. You would rather leave than hurt someone, you love. But, you like the stagnancy of life. You are Sheldon Cooper, when it comes to change. You don’t like it.

Remember, that just like other arts which deal with mysticism, this has both its fans, and its skeptics. The best way to judge would be to apply them in your situation, and see, how it works.

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