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If You Feel These 6 Emotions You Are Receiving A Soul Call! How To Answer And What To Avoid…

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There comes a time in your life when you meet someone you seem to fall in love with, though you don’t really like that person.

You have no idea why, but you just want to be there for that person. However, when you’re done helping them, you slowly lose interest. That is a clear example of a soul call.

The Nature of a Soul Call:The Nature of a Soul Call

A soul call happens when a person hears the cry of another soul asking for help or assistance.

This is made possible on a soul level and accessible through prayers, asking God, Higher Power, or the universe.

Highly sensitive people like healers and empaths are likely to answer this call. If you’ve answered it, then you’re probably one of them.

6 Emotions That Show Up When Someone Is Receiving A Soul Call

The following emotions show up when you hear a soul call:

– A feeling of falling in love with a person.

– Having the person in your head as if you’re obsessed with them.

– Having the urge to give them a message, though it seems unlikely.

– Feelings of being with them to lend support or comfort.

– A feeling of strong dislike with something the person does.

– A thought or feeling is telling you to help them in some way.

To make things clear, you have to be aware of the distinction between love and a soul call.

How Love Differs From a Soul Call:

Love is when the presence of the other person seems to complete you. It’s accepting the other for what they are and living harmoniously with them in all levels without the need of specifically saving the other person.

While a soul call is normally rooted in feelings of compassion accompanied by a desire to help them out.

When you’re sure that what you feel is a soul call, follow it and do what it tells you even if it appears silly or foolish.

An example is when you have the urge to give someone a message. You may approach them and say: I have this feeling to tell you this and it’s up to you to decide how to use it.

Most often, what you say is what the other person needs to hear.

Other times, you’re called to help out a problem. When you’re called, it means you have the tools and ability to provide a solution.

However, there are certain mistakes people do when they get a Soul Call!

Watch out for these 4 mistakes when answering a soul call:

1. Mistaking the call for love.

In answering a soul call, you have to be wary. When you commit the mistake of identifying the soul call as love, you enter into a relationship for the wrong reasons which would eventually be felt later on.

When the time comes for the call to end, so are the feelings associated with it. You may then find yourself in a situation of living with a person you no longer want to be with.

2. The person may be obsessed with you.

Once you’ve helped a person, they might be so comfortable having you around to the point of being obsessed with you. Or, they may want more of what you offered and even desire your energy.

Make sure you let them know the boundaries and the intent behind your actions.

3. The caller may not be ready for help.

When you reach out to offer help, but the moment you give assistance the urge disappears, it might be that the caller is not prepared to receive help.

You must keep on checking your feelings because changes are likely to occur.

4. A soul call could go both ways.

You’re there to help, but the person at the other end also brings something that you need. It’s a blessing for the both of you making you grow.

Being blind to this possibility might prevent both of you from helping each other. Even more, the real cry for help could have been coming from your own soul and the need to help the other person was a sublimation of the problem.

ConclusionHow To Answer A Soul Call

A soul call is a common experience for most of us. Understanding it better helps you in answering a call.

Soul Calls are usually more common in family relationships when the parent feels the child’s soul cries for help. Most parents do not know how to approach their child so they choose to not trust this feeling. And the child responds with their guard up as a self defensive mechanism.

Some calls take a shorter time to answer, while others could last for years. Having several calls at a time is possible too. When the Soul Call comes, embrace it, and let go of excuses.

What matters is that, since you get a Soul Call you’re able to help the other person doing whatever you’re meant to do. Not overthinking the solution helps a lot.

In most cases, a simple conversation and connection with the other person is enough.

One answer to a call, one step to healing this world.

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