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The Connection Between 12:12 And The Merkaba Field

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

I have always been very keen and receptive to finding number patterns literally everywhere. However, for a while now, I’ve been seeing the pattern 12:12 a lot which is something very new.

Most people overlook but number patterns have a lot of significance and meaning. There is some definite analysis about them but sometimes they say a lot based on the perception of a particular person.

Therefore, when this unique pattern kept cropping into my life I started analysing how it may apply to me. Research led me to the Merkabah mysticism, which states that 12:12 is an entry password which when connected with, will open the Merkabic field. This will lead you to align with the Universal human consciousness through your heart.

What is Merkaba? It is a “light spirit body” which basically refers to an energy field surrounding us when we reach a high state of consciousness. The energy structure helps us to travel through dimensions and takes the form of a star-shaped tetrahedron.

The shape, consisting of two opposite facing pyramids, enable you to reach out to the heavens as well as stay rooted to your physical form at the same time. The energy field can also move through vibration.

A person can reach higher spiritual planes and dimensions when the Merkaba field is activated. Due to this ability, the shape of this field is also said to resemble a chariot that helps our light body to travel.

Therefore, the research I have done shows that 1212 is no ordinary pattern but a key to open the energy field. Thus seeing this pattern signifies that our light body is slowly preparing to reach higher dimensions and thus our consciousness will be able to tap into elemental planes beyond the physical reality.

Ever since I have started seeing the pattern, there has not been any radical change in my life but maybe it will slowly unravel in the future. I have definitely got a new perspective after this incident.

What I have understood is that, although our universe seems to work in a definite pattern and also it’s very three-dimensional, it is basically a reflection of ideas and thoughts of every living being.

The world and society is a culmination of all our perceptions and feelings. However we must be responsible towards our thoughts as it decides how we are going to experience the world we have created.

Therefore if our physical reality has come into being through the amalgamation of thoughts, then it also means that we would be able to see through other realities and experience different mental and physical states through our thoughts.

We can understand this better if we use the analogy of dreams. At night when we go to sleep and enter the state of dreams, we move to different places and meet people, seeing new things. A part of us travels through these experiences and thus it all seems to be real.

Similarly, our light beings can move through higher dimensions which gives them a new perspective and they see and experience things in a different manner.

It’s not a new concept that the world around us is constructed by our thoughts coming together. Unfortunately, this concept is now dealt with a lot of ego, thus diminishing its importance and relevance.

We should channel our positive thoughts with our true self to reach a higher state of consciousness and you will be able to feel the huge difference.

Spiritually awakened people can access this energy but it’s difficult to stay in it. It’s believed that the portal opens every year on 12/12.

Channel this energy to become one with the Universe!

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