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Gemini New Moon On 13th June: Setting Intention Ceremony

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This month’s New Moon is going to occur on the 13th of June and will signal good times in the near future.

Look for the positive in every situation and it will turn out to be so.

A New Moon is the most opportune time to bring positive changes in your life. Because the energy of the New Moon supports and encourages new beginnings.

It will help you realize your true potential if you’d  look inside yourself and believe in the best version of you.

This New Moon is especially good for advances in business, so if you think you have a brilliant idea, put it to use.

Use the four sacred elements to enhance your own power. Keep one item each with you which would symbolize one of the four elements-

Fire- a candle
Air- a feather
Earth- a vial of sand
Water- a cup of water

New Moon Ceremony

You can harness the energy of the New Moon even more efficiently by performing this simple ceremony. First of all, find a space which is sacred to you. Now on the evening of 12th June, take a cup full of pure water and go stand in this sacred space with it.

Now take a deep breath and try to focus on yourself. Try visualizing the center of your existence, the place from where your resolve and intent comes from. Be mindful of the water in your hand.

This water is the representative of all the water in the world; water, which is ever flowing and purifying. Allow that thought to also purify your mind and strengthen your resolve to make your life, and the world better.

Sing, hum or drum your fingers lightly. Feel your vibrations reaching a higher frequency. Remember the transformative powers of water and drink a few sips with the firm belief that this water will bring the change that you need.

On this New Moon you should-

  • Start a new work project
  • Take initiative in your relationship
  • Reanalyze your dreams
  • Set a new goal

This New Moon cycle, strengthen your resolve everyday and see all your dreams manifest.

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