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10 Super-Abilities We Are Born With But Choose To Ignore

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The human mind has been shrouded in mystery for its entire existence. The fact that we have characters like Jean Grey and Professor X in the superhero universe, is proof enough that the human mind and its untapped energies and powers have always fascinated mankind.

Skepticism is the enemy however as the wisdom of the ages has always attested to this fact. The human mind and body have an infinite amount of untapped potential.

Best part, everyone is born with these powers but no wants knows how to tap into them. Like El Dorado, ignorance is slowly replaced by sceptic denial.

1. The voice inside you

Remember all those prophets, from Muhammad, Jesus, and Zarathustra? All of them found what they were searching for, thanks to the voice that spoke through them. The voice is of course the voice of God, resonating through their souls. They were sensitive enough to shut them of. Even Joan of Arc made it public that she heard voices. Everyone among us has a voice talking to us, helping us. It’s up to us to listen.

2. Your inner peace

Your inner peace and inner happy place of solitude is yours and yours only. It is where you can truly find yourself and your true potential, if only you choose to zone everything else out.

3. Your ability to hold your breath

Holding your breath impacts your nervous system and helps you calm down. Holding your breath and releasing it slowly in 10 small portions helps trigger a mechanism that makes your body feel lighter within seconds. Besides this ability helps you enjoy the joys of water, which again is a common media that helps people calm down.

4. Your stare

Theorists call it the Gaze. Ever seen people look at you back or answer absentmindedly after you’ve been looking at them? This is because your gaze is tangible and the other person’s entire existence is pricked by it. Gazes hence are very good methods of telepathic communication.

5. Your ability to communicate non-verbally

This is because we are all one and we all speak the same language inside our hearts. This ability is particularly pertinent among couples in love, especially soulmates and twin-flames.

6. Your generosity

The joy of giving is something transcendental. This is how you come closer to your soul and also reach out to other souls. This is a human responsibility that every major religion extols: charity. Giving things to people who need the things you have more than you, is something that can change the way we perceive life on this planet: something we should ideally be looking at right now.

7. Your decisiveness

Whenever in a fix, use your best mental faculties and choose the option that speaks out to you. The guardian spirit looking after us is more often than not always going to tell you what is good and right for you through your own gut. Your own gut feeling and the decisions it makes can be a game-changer during complex dilemmas and situations that require you to pick between two equally important and equally good things.

8. Your sense of humor

It is true, laughter is the best medicine and the amount of positivity that comes from a person laughing just for the heck of it, is immeasurable. Especially if the said person is someone you love, it does an immense deal to heal you and better your day.

9. Your creativity

The feeling that comes with you satisfactorily creating a new piece of original art is unparalleled. The amount of spiritual energy that creates, is astounding.

10. Your ability to meditate

This activity can simply make everything better and life more and more peaceful.

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