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Fall In Love As Venus Is Transiting Libra

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by Conscious Reminder

With Venus situating itself in Virgo over the last couple of weeks, you have been a real pain in the a** regarding relationships.

You are naggy, and quite picky when it comes to love, and it was all due to the position of Venus.

But don’t worry, for Venus has already shifted into Libra on 14th September 2019. And soon every part of your romantic life is going to get blown up.

Mercury also entered Libra on the 14th, doubling all the romance and fun. So hold on to your horses and enjoy the thrill!

With Venus being all about beauty, pleasure, and love, and Libra turning out to be the best possible sign for a relationship, it isn’t surprising that this period would turn out to be great.

This time is going to be perfect for you to hang out with your homies every single day, and even if you aren’t, you can still text them.

But the major shift occurs in love, where you simply want to love. To such an extent where your search for love turns a bit too cheesy, but still remains cute.

As reiterated above, this is perfect timing if you want to make your partner fall for you even more, or turning a crush into a potential partner is just as feasible now.

Venus in Libra is about beauty too, don’t forget that. You can try visiting spas, getting makeovers, turning your Instagram into Page 9, or even just remodeling your entire wardrobe to match your current mood.

Since Venus in the sign of Virgo was so conservative that it didn’t allow for many renovations in your clothes or your residence. Now go all out and do everything that you need to do.

Home redecoration ideas are abuzz and don’t hesitate to splurge on your weirdest choices. A little whimsy never hurts!

Ironically, for a zodiac whose primal quality is maintaining a balance, Libra is quite indecisive. So, even if you are hanging out with a bunch of friends without any precursor, you might still find yourself at your wit’s end owing to the number of options that you have at your bestowal.

In fact, you might keep asking yourself if you really are into that person, or are you simply attracted to them because they give you some much-needed validation.

But remember, you don’t need to decide so fast. Give it time, see how things flow, and have fun for the time being. No need to get serious right away.

This period is all about trying to settle with people of mixed ideologies. With the season in Virgo putting strains on all our activities, the Libra season will quickly help us let loose.

Now, all you need to do is cooperate and compromise with the people around you, because there is no reason why you should spoil your own mental peace.

Enjoy the atmosphere that prevails, rather than going away from it. You would have a lot of time to enjoy the month – don’t let it go to waste. Go to parties, go meet new friends, go on dates, just go.

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