Emotion-Sucking Vampires In Your Life And How To Deal With Them

We are beings who function on energy. There is always energy around us and we are always in the process of either receiving or giving away energy.

The only way this process could ever stop was if we were to isolate ourselves from every single human. But since that is not possible, we have to accept our fate, which is that all our relationships with other people, are about energy.

Depending on the kind of person, a relationship could be a source of energy that drives you forward, or it could drain your life away, either way, both kinds of relationships are important because we learn from both of them.

Emotional Vampires are people who are hungry after energy, and knowingly or not they latch on to you until they have drained away every single bit of it.

One of the types of emotional vampires are the Narcissists or the controllers. Every conversation is about them, how they excellent at this, how they managed that etc. Even if they do mention you, it is just to point out something that you did wrong.

Another type is the victim type. They seem to be the people born with the worst luck in the world, or at least they sound like it.

Every tragedy and misfortune seems to strike only them, and even though they never seem to take your advice, they keep coming back to you to make you listen to their sob story.

These are just two examples of interactions which leave us completely befuddled and drained of energy.

If you feel like you are in a similar situation, you need to do something about and quick. First if all, straighten yourself up and let your energy flow through you freely.

Make sure you severe any energy ties that you have with such person. And finally, give out love to them. They definitely need it, and it wouldn’t put you in any loss of any kind.

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