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Toddler Hears Favorite Song, Starts To Dance And Breaks The Internet

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Facebook had recently started this trend of sharing videos which played themselves automatically as they appeared on your feed and thank god for that.

There have, since then, been a total storm of quirky videos of babies, puppies, kittens and whatnot that have broken the internet to quote the online idiom.

This is a testament to two things: one, the most mundane of moments in life are unique and should be captured with vigour, and two, you can never overestimate the positive effects of other’s happiness on yourself.

I for one know just how much I enjoy watching the antics puppies, kitties and little babies doing things or just smiling, as they appear on my feed.

Recently, one such toddler has broken the internet, as usual, with a dance jig.

Dancing is one of the most ancient of things that man has enjoyed, religiously and also for entertainment. In today’s world, dancing is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable forms of workout there can be.

The toddler we are talking about, at only 2 years old has set the stage on fire with his own dancing. At the age when kids can’t even walk well, William Stokkebroe has made a sensation of himself by running onto stage and setting out some killer moves.

His parents, Kristina and Peter are professional dancers themselves, working at Studio 43, the publisher of the video. Their own child was possibly influenced by them. We all, after all, know just how easily children emulate their elders and what they do.

The difference here is the fact that William is just a meagre two years old. And boy did he pack a wallop with his performance.

The world might have just found a new star in this small dynamite-sized baby.

Enjoy the video yourself, just click on the link below.


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