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Talk Openly About You Expectations & Desires, And Spare Yourself The Frustration

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Often, we are disappointed in life, just because reality does not match our expectations.

Then, we start getting angry at others and feeling sorry for our unfortunate life. But why?

Because we didn’t get what we expected. As a rule, we immediately strive to spill our anger all over the person who, in our opinion, failed to meet those expectations.

We assume that they can read thoughts so they have the idea of ​​what to do in any situation.

And they, as it turns out, actually didn’t. They simply didn’t, had no idea about it. Or they do, but under their own terms and conditions, and that’s what triggering our anger.

So this is a bad person, right?

Because everyone should think the way you do! Isn’t that right?

No, it’s not like that – or, at least, it shouldn’t be like that.

It turns out that we are all different. We have different notions about relationships, behavior, the good and the bad, about duty and necessity.

The thought, that our perspective is the only correct one and everyone should think similarly to us, only creates a series of disappointments and bad feelings.

Therefore, if our expectations are not met and we feel disappointed, it is very likely that we have been fooling ourselves by living an illusion. We created a world that doesn’t really exists.

Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from unpleasant emotions, we just need to clarify, while interacting with other people, what is it that raises suspicion, revolt and bad feelings in us.

Often, a person who uses this simple technique reveals many new things about themself and others.

Over time, it helps them realize that others also have the right to their own opinions and this opinion may be different.

You need to talk openly about your expectations and desires. So at least you will have the opportunity to find out if a person can give you what you are counting on, instead of staying angry with them for weeks because they failed to read your thoughts.

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