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The Dark Side of Each Zodiac Sign. This is What You Don’t Want the World to See

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Each of the signs of the Zodiac has negative qualities, together with the positive one which we see more frequently. Every one of us is creepy and weird in a certain way.

So, here are some scary sides of each sign of the Zodiac:

Aries: Incredibly violent.

Those people who are born under Aries are stubborn and headstrong, and their enthusiasm and energy may become explosive violence. They get obsessed when it comes to getting their way, and when they don’t, they become incredibly violent, particularly when something went wrong.

Taurus: Possessive.

People born under this sign are materialistic, sentimental and persistent. Such traits usually prevent them from letting the things go, so the more they care about those things, the more hardly and stubbornly they will defend their right of keeping them forever. They desperately want to keep every single thing just like they want.

Gemini: Insincere and two-faced.

The spirit personality of Gemini people makes them go from having fun and laughing to crying, although nothing really happened. This can put other people off because they are not sure what they should expect. These people find it hard to be honest and loyal to others.

Cancer: Matrix complex.

Although the people who are born under Cancer go beyond and above for those they love, they actually believe that they deserve much more than those people give back to them. They adore when they are the victim, and that’s why they let others walk over them. They desperately want others to feel really bad for them.

Leo: Narcissists.

Leos have an unreasonably high ego, and they consider themselves above others. They may be kind and charming, but they feel the need of being the center of attention. Their thirds to dramatic life are going to have them fueling drama just for attention. They never care about other people’s feelings.

Virgo: Control freaks.

Virgos have overbearing determination. They never stop. Their perfectionism has them controlling and planning everything or everyone, without even asking for inputs. They feel the need for control quite badly that they have mistaken it for a real connection, and that is not a really good quality of a person.

Libra: Feeling empathy for awful people.

The fair-mindedness of the people born under Libra, and also their empathy, have them weighing the contributing factors out evenly, and sometimes even those that are wrong. They feel proud as they believe that every decision they make is the right one, not only for them but for others around them, even for bad people.

Scorpio: Enthusiastic for horrifying things.

Well, the things which motivate and interest the people in this sign are usually out of the line as to when something is more intensely distressing, they get more drawn to it. They are typically fascinated by tragedy, crime, and also taboo and their reaction to such things can be alarming sometimes.

Sagittarius: Inspiring cult leader.

The people born under Sagittarius are inspiring and perfect leaders whose thirst and wanderlust for something new have helped them cultivate a wider net of acquaintances and friends that are going to follow them to the end of the planet Earth.

Capricorn: Ambitious.

Capricorns are prepared to do everything they can in order to keep going ahead. They will go the extra mile, and they will not care if they should go to specific extreme lengths. They lack emotions and self-centered determination, which means that they don’t really care about others.

Aquarius: Sociopathic.

The desire of Aquarians to get everything done is usually blind to the fact of the way in which it affects other people and situations in this process. They have unconventional methods when it comes to saving this world. Because of this, they usually put their effort into something which will not bring real changes.

Pisces: Emotionally volatile nightmare.

Those identical overwhelming forces which inspire the Pisceans to make this world a much better place may also take them to dark places. Their emotions are often overwhelming, while at times they are entirely irrational. Although they are aware of that, it does not stop them from blaming others for causing them pain.

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