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Aligning With Mother Earth’s Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

We may not feel it properly, but if we can connect ourselves with the earth, we will be able to feel the positively charged electrical field that is surrounding it.

The famous scientist, Nikola Tesla was the first person who tried to record the Earth’s frequency, though he was shunned for it. Later during the 1950s, W.O. Schumann, a German physicist and his students were able to discover that the earth had a natural vibration of 7.83 Hz frequency. This was called the Schumann Resonance. The earth itself has a negative charge.

The Earth is alive. It’s vibrating with an energy level but the most important part is – the energy level is not constant. It has been growing throughout the years and now, it has doubled within the last 10 years. It’s almost like the Earth is trying hard to connect and speak with us by adjusting its vibration level.

Now that the science of vibration level is out, the question stands: how is it going to help us? If we are unable to keep in touch with the natural vibration of the Earth then we will have a mental breakdown. Emotionally, we will be spent.

Plus, we have melatonin present in our skin which is a cell-rejuvenating hormone and a cancer suppressant. Not connecting with the earth will lower our melatonin levels. Plus, electromagnetic pollution might break our connection with the vibrations of the earth.

Adjusting Oneself

It is necessary to adjust oneself with the energy of the Earth. If we do not adjust ourselves with it, then we will be encountering a huge surge of energy interacting with us, which will be too much to take in.

That is what is happening to everyone right now. The earth’s energy is becoming massive each day, but we are unable to adjust our energetic and nervous bodies to it. As a result, many of us are becoming depressed.

Due to our lack of connection with the vibration level of the earth, we have lost all touch with inspiration and love – we have become uninspired people living like zombies on this earth.

We have been told that only a few can attain a state of enlightenment – that is holding us back. On the other hand, some believe that after attaining a state of peace, they are superior to others, letting ego take over their mind.

We have developed a separatist mind regarding everything and that is what is affecting most of us. We need to align ourselves with earth’s natural energy if we are trying to develop ourselves into something greater.

Grounding Ourselves

Several Tantric and Totemic philosophies believe that we can align ourselves with the Earth only by bringing a complete internal change in our bodies.

If it comes naturally to you, then good. But if it’s not natural and you need to do some inner work for it, then it’s great. The demanding work will help you appreciate and understand your inner shift better. The way to ground yourself is simple.

Walk outside barefoot. Choose a position to stand in, and then spread out your feet wider than your hips at a 45-degree angle. Now, bend your legs. You will feel that your hips have opened up and your leg muscles have been activated to support you.

Now, you have to straighten your back by tucking the tailbone in so that you can feel that your back is pointing towards the center of the earth. Now, you can breathe in deeply until the air reaches into your belly and then, your hips too. Slowly, you can feel grounded and be filled with compassion rather than negative thoughts.

The Power of Sound

Sound is powerful. It can get into our core energy pool easily and can help to make our tissues vibrate too. This will make our bodies enter a state which will help it in becoming connected with the vibrational level of the earth.

This is called sound healing. If you play any musical instrument, you can probably feel the vibe of the sound energy within you. It can change you completely.

So, when you are playing any musical instrument, try to concentrate on your breathing. This will help you connect with your inner self as well as to the sound vibrations all around you.

Shamanic Yoga

Shamanic Yoga is a combination of both Shamanism and yoga. Through this combination, you get a holistic way to address the issues of both your individualistic self as well as the world as a whole. Shamanic Yoga will make you realize that we are part of the natural world and are descendants of the earth.

This yoga connects the earth elements and strengthens the power of the Asanas. For examples, there is Cobra Pose, Sun Salutations, and other positions which are all deeply connected with the natural elements of the earth.

With the Shamanic Yoga, we are able to connect with all of these and transform ourselves through the Earth’s healing energy.

These are some of the ways in which we can align ourselves with the energy of the earth and bring about a transformation from within. It’s like alchemy – only, it is we who are being transformed. So, are you ready to do it?

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