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Sisyphus: The Kinetic Art Table of Meditative Masterpieces

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by Conscious Reminder

Sisyphus is a special table excelling in kinetic art, which combines technology and modern design so that you can connect and use it any way you want.

If you were ever interested in Greek Mythology, you must be aware of Sisyphus – the man condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain forever. No, you won’t be assigned any eternal boulder-rolling task, so you can breathe easy. This Sisyphus is a creation of kinetic art. There is a metal ball which is rolled through the sand, and paired with the music it creates and erases hypnotic patterns on the sand. What it does is evoke a calm and meditative feeling within you, letting all that kinetic energy flow through you.

Sisyphus: The Kinetic Art Table Of Meditative Masterpieces1

The Brilliance of Design

Bruce Shapiro, the man behind the design, aimed to make it much more than a kinetic art piece, he also wanted to make a musical instrument. The design is special, so  you can enjoy it both as furniture, as a piece of art, and also a functioning musical instrument! Yes, just like the way you can easily turn on mp3 music on your devices, the Sisyphus can play a series of path files. What’s more, you don’t have any on/off switch; you just have to plug in the device and it will automatically calibrate, load a default playlist and start playing. You can pair the music with the pattern-making metal ball running through the thin layer of sand just below the glass on top. Underneath the table, there is a two-motor robot that controls a magnet and lets the ball go through the sand, making some remarkable patterns that will soothe your mind. A Raspberry Pi computer controls these motors and plays the songs you have chosen, delivering the meditative experience Sisyphus promises.

Personal Customization

There’s more to it than that.You can have your own rules with the Sisyphus. Sisyphus comes with the option of personal customization. You can choose what tint of light will illuminate the table, how fast or slow the design should be created and your favourite paths, all by using the mobile app or by connecting Sisyphus to your Wi-Fi. Didn’t we tell you it’s a technological masterpiece?

Sisyphus has been designed to cater to the modern human – having both the brilliance of kinetic art and technological advancement. So, are you up to share a meditative evening with the Sisyphus?

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