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Pilot Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust And He Doesn’t Know He’s Sitting Next To Them

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by Conscious Reminder

Life often puts people in strange situations, doesn’t it?

Almost always, during times of dilemma, people have to make choices, hard choices.

What do you do, when the choice is between doing your duty and doing the right thing?

Answer: if you are making the choice, it is the wrong thing. You must strive to do both.

There have been revolutionary leaders who have made this choice for themselves and have made their way into history books, films and documentaries. Hell, they might even have an odd song about them here or there.

But not the person we are talking about.

Sir Nicholas Winton, in the late 1930s, was on his way to Switzerland for a short vacation. The climate back then was anything but savoury: Hitler was planning his invasion of Poland for a long time and despite the agreement with Chamberlain, no one trusted him.

It was at this juncture that Winton found himself at a crossroads: would he just be a war pilot, or would he actually do something that would change lives.

He chose to do both.

Winton chose to save as many refugee Jewish children as he could. And what is more, thanks to him, the UK decided to take in a staggering number of children, and also gave them a bank account of fifty pounds which would later help them settle down.

Winton also appealed to many other countries to take in refugees. Sadly, the US, the leader of the Allies and the free world, took in none. Sweden was the last nation to take in refugees, taking in about 250 children.

After the war, Winton sat on this information for fifty years, till his wife found a diary he maintained with the children’s names and the names of the families he got them adopted into. Yes, he made sure they got adopted too.

And in a touching video recorded courtesy of the BBC, Winton, a couple of years before he died at a ripe old age, met his children, who include now, a Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, a filmmaker from Canada, a poet and a mathematician.

Now, that was a full life.


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