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Signs That You’ve Reached A Turning Point In Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The process of transformation doesn’t happen instantly.

There are many little shifts happening on a daily basis, and every single one of them is absolutely important; basically, what you are doing is un-learning your lifelong habits and start acquiring new ones.

The majority of people live in suppressed fear and denial, creating a kind of fictional comfort level.

We use strong fixed believes, thoughts and habits in order to conceal our primal anger, panic and pain; we live a life on autopilot.

However, lately, it seems impossible to live in the matrix and keep your sanity. And don’t get me wrong, this is a massively positive process. This process of transformation includes the evolution of our consciousness from fear into love.

This means that you will have to melt your fears and lick your emotional wounds by understanding and accepting them.

You will have to face them, feel them and decode them, despite the fact that you are afraid of the notion itself.

Every time an intense wave of acceleration hits you, it neutralizes low frequencies of consciousness, energy and suppressed fears in your subconscious mind.

It’s needless to say that different forms of anxiety will emerge out of the blue and stir your emotions.

So, you better buckle up, because avoiding and suppressing subconscious blockages will most likely drain you, and we all know that exhaustion can lead to disappointment, despair and lack of motivation.

You are standing at a crossroads!

The last breath of negativity on your way to transformation happens when you finally get tired of resisting and controlling, and feeling so overwhelmed by the complexity of your life is when you stop; there’s nothing else you can do.

The process simply forces you to live in the moment; to live through what is happening now. It forces you to be alone with yourself, your fears and your pain.

You must experience this state without judgement or acting on the matter.

Just be present in your life and let things take their own course. That way you’ll be able to experience yourself – your soul – that is always present below the distractions.

This is what happens when you dive into the stillness and the non-physical realms.

This is when your intuition opens up.

Now your soul gets to shine!

Revelations happen.

Understanding and compassion melt away your fears.

You feel relieved, relaxed and rejoiced.

You’ll feel much better!

This represents a huge turning point in the process of transformation; it’s when the mind surrenders, and triggers enormous expansion of the consciousness of the soul, the body and the wise evolutionary flow.

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