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Love Numerology Sheds Some Light On Your Romantic Concerns

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology is based on spiritual science that analyses the frequency and vibration produced by numbers occurring in our life.

The various features, affinities, and harmonies between people in a romantic relationship can be understood better with Love Numerology.

Find Out Your Lucky Number 

Couples in love are often seen parting ways due to ‘incompatibility.’ Finding your lucky number according to the Numerology of Love can help resolve several of your issues with your partner. The process of calculation is very simple if you follow the steps mentioned below:

Date of birth: 10.05.1985

Step I: 1+9+8+5=23

Step II: 23+10+5=38

Step III: 3+8=11

Love Numerology Explains The Connection Between Numbers And People 

Number 1: These people need space and alone time in their relationship. They are usually independent, creative, and humble but do not like monotony or being smothered by their partner. They enjoy challenges and tend to become authoritarian.

Number 2: These people need a strong person by their side and prioritize love over everything else. They are very sensitive, patient, and compassionate. They like peaceful relationships but prefer occasional adventures.

Number 3: Such humans crave creative stimuli and are always looking for enjoyment in their life. They love being prioritized and might not be completely faithful in relationships. However, they are extremely brave, optimistic, and kind people.

Number 4: People with the lucky number of 4 have great expectations from life and want a long-lasting and stable relationship. They are very organized and have strong willpower but do not become boring. They will go to any extent for their partner.

Number 5: Freedom is most important for these people and they hate being tied down to anything. They need new and exciting things in their lives and do not enjoy routines. They easily find relationships since they are highly imaginative and sensual.

Number 6: These people require immense affection and believe in a give and take relationship. They build a strong relationship with stability and fiercely love their partner. Although insecurity and jealousy happen at times, they need reassurance to calm down.

Number 7: People of number 7 are normally reserved by character and like to take things slow in relationships. They observe and analyze everything and find faults in everything but forgets them quickly. They also have strong individuality.

Number 8: Such people tend to prefer brown-nosing people with them and love being admired. They have a weak spot for successful and beautiful people and might become controlling in relationships. However, they are loving and caring and love surprises.

Number 9: People with 9 as a lucky number only want loyalty from their relationship and go with the flow of their partner. They jump from one relationship to another frequently and marry quite late. They are also extremely affectionate and practical people.

Number 11: They are always looking for long and stable relationships and fall in love with spiritual and intelligent people. When they are in a bad mood, they can be difficult but they are very dynamic and well-rounded humans.

Number 22: These people want everything instantly and do not like waiting around. They are a fool in love and feel every emotion intensely. Such people are also very loyal and enterprising but can be pessimistic and cynical at times.

Words Of Caution 

Numerology has the ability to pinpoint the exact reason for problems in a person’s life. It helps the concerned person to find a solution for it.

Numerology of Love specifically finds the issues in your relationships so you and your partner can resolve them and move forward in life.

All you have to do is find your lucky number and pave your path through it.

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