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The Meaning Of Blue Energy

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The calmest and most comforting of all the energies in the universe, blue energy is also the color of paradise.

It is thought to symbolize serenity and silence. Blue is a very important color spiritually and it is a necessity if we wish to heighten our own spirituality.

The Aura and The Importance Of Blue Energy

The Throat or the fifth chakra is closely connected to blue. If there’s any of it present in your aura it means that your throat chakra is becoming stronger and exuding energy and well being. However if the blue isn’t clear or leans towards grey, there are issues with your chakra. People whose auras are mostly blue tend to be soothing, compassionate, intuitive and morally upright.

A Force That Heals

When your Throat chakra is giving you trouble or even if your aura is just mainly blue, you should use precious stones of the same color. The energies between the two will resonate and help you in the healing process. Stones like Turquoise, Sapphire, Tanzanite, and so on will be of use to you. Just ensure that you learn more about the specific purpose of each stone before you begin using them.

Making a House a Home

To make your house feel more comfortable and soothing, use as much blue as you can in your color scheme. If you’re someone who has a stressful job, you’ll require a peaceful place to recuperate when you get back and blue will help turn your home into that place. Use light blues in your bedrooms and nursery. Go for dark shades in the rooms where you need to get more work done.

Restoring Your Sleep Cycle

Insomniacs will find themselves sleeping much better if they treat themselves with blue energy. It is quick to soothe and calm people down. If you use it just before you go to bed you will find yourself in a state of peace and ready to turn in for the night.

Install a blue light in your room and put a few drops of Lavender oil and pieces of Lapis Lazuli in a bowl of water near your bed. Turn off all your other lights and keep the blue light on for about thirty minutes before you go off to sleep for this ritual to work.

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