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Are You Having A Healing Crisis? 5 Tips To Cope With Healing Along Your Spiritual Journey

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we talk of healing, what easily comes to mind is feeling better or getting better. But, this only comes after the initial stages of discomfort have sunk in.

Our bodies and psyches move in cycles. Meaning, we move from birth to development to decay to death and starts all over again.

The process of healing and transforming moves through this birth to death cycle. Our bodies know this fully well.

Thus, our natural tendency is to avoid change because, initially, it brings discomfort. But if we only look at the end of the tunnel, the good thing comes in the long run.

This is how healing naturally works. If you’re on your healing journey and you feel something seems to go “wrong”, don’t panic.

There’s nothing wrong with you or with what you’re doing. It’s just a sign that you’re on the right track.

Symptoms of A Healing Crisis

There’s crisis in the healing process because as your system goes through a recalibration, it goes into overdrive as a result of the radical change. During the cleansing, all the toxins from the body start leaving the tissues and moving into the bloodstream.

All this makes you feel tired or nauseous or both. Another thing is, any transformation that your body goes through causes a serious disruption in your homeostasis, whether it be on the physical or on the energetic level.

Most of the symptoms in the healing process include the following:

– The Ascension symptoms where the energy field moves upward too quickly, making you suffer from headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

– The Grounding symptoms where the energy field moves downward too quickly, giving you feelings of extreme tiredness and fatigue.

– The Eliminatory symptoms where the digestive and eliminatory systems get rid of toxins too quickly, giving you headaches, body achiness, nausea, and fatigue.

Though this quick change is not bad in itself, certain parts of our system just tend to get thrown off. But then our bodies are designed to adapt and to change as well.

With the rapid increase in our planetary frequencies, we need to adapt physically at a much more rapid rate too.

5 Ways To Cope With Healing:

1. See them as a positive sign of growth.

Acknowledge that you’re a having a healing crisis. Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, see this crisis as a positive sign of growth and that you’re going through a positive transformation.

This is the only key to your healing and a sure sign of your personal progress.

2. Stick with your practice.

If you’re doing a practice or following a transformational program, stick with it. Don’t allow the symptoms to coax you into quitting no matter how tempting the idea would be.

This is the most challenging part of your journey and sticking with it is key.

3. Drink lots of water or more alkaline.

Drinking lots of water, especially more alkaline, is a must in dealing with these symptoms.

Add a little lemon or buy higher alkaline water if you can. The point is to double your water intake.

4. Practice mindful breathing.

Incorporate mindful breathing into your daily routine. Be conscious as you breathe slower, deeper, and more rhythmically.

Be diligent in bringing your consciousness into your breathing.

5. Get more sleep and stay rested.

Put in additional hours to your sleep regimen and avoid staying up late. If you feel you need to take a rest during the day, do it.

Take little naps if you can and be gentle with yourself. What matters is, you fully support yourself in this process.

Keep in mind that in this path to your higher evolution, your body, mind, and spirit need to get in alignment with each other. The symptoms are only the initial reactions to this slow integration.

If you’re able to use your mind and emotions in affecting your body positively, you’re into a full spiritual evolution.

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