Are You Experiencing False Twin Flame Telepathy?

by Conscious Reminder

The fake twin flames are actually the energy vampires, spiritual impostors, as well as energetic mirrors of the true twin flame of a person.

The ingenuity of these twin flames is often embedded under a few layers of the inch-perfect persona. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to reveal their real identity.

So, telepathy is considered a magical and wonderful technique of entering into and understanding the unconscious mind of your loved one. Sharing a profound spiritual link with a person makes a telepathic path which aligns the psyche of that person with ours.

Then, we will be able to see what they think, and oftentimes, the telepathic prowess will touch such great heights that we will even have the ability to affect that person’s mood.

For example, you have probably seen that two individuals that love each other madly usually fall into or also out of sorrow and happiness simultaneously.

They actually feel lost and dejected when the one that they love experiences depression and anxiety.

This is a type of synchronous behavior which may also be assigned to this telepathy technique that connects two different souls.

For example, imagine that someone that is not sincere acquires such telepathic strengths and powers. There is no other person that can actually hurt you more than the one that is close to you.

So, when the fake twin flames come to be an essential part of the lives of people, they actually tend to feed on those people’s spiritual powers and energies such as energy vampires. Moreover, they tend to manipulate their thoughts because of the selfish aims they have.

The egocentricity of the false twin flames damages their partner’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Also, the worst part of all this is that people usually don’t accept to let them go as they believe they are their fated twin flames. Soon after that, the relationship with their fake twin flame is quickly going to turn to abusive.

These false twin flames tend to disregard the emotions of their partners and treat them like some kind of objects. Also, they often tend to subject them to suffering.

When going through such unsettling phase, a person becomes a breeding ground for guilt and confusion.

Instead of being the victim, he or she will start thinking that their love, which is not that good, is their creation.

But, fake twin flames are apathetic to the emotional state of the person. They come in people’s lives in order to satisfy their personal spiritual greed.

However, nothing in the world occurs without any reason. Our Universe is not the one that places obstacles in people’s paths, as it does not have any reason to do that.

It simply subjects them to failed and fake relationships so they can raise their vibrations, as well as propel themselves to spiritual illumination. Then, the pain is the one which catalyzes that mental process.

It actually shads their worn-out soul, and then replaces it with some different, new, as well as enduring one.

The fake twin flame telepathy can be a strong weapon, and when misused, it may have terrible and disastrous impacts on people’s physical and emotional well-being.

People need to improve their courage in order to let their fake twin flame go. They should also remember that they deserve pure and real love. The fake twin flame telepathy is actually a power which is under suspect. To identify it before making some irreparable damages on you is definitely necessary.

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