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These 5 Signs Say That Your Third Eye Is Open

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Collecting information from different sources can sometimes be very confusing if you want to know if your third eye is activated, as well as opening.

The third eye, or also known as the first eye, and the brow or Ajna chakra, is actually the 6th energy center in the seven important systems of chakra.

The main lesson of the brow chakra is discerning the truth from the illusion. The illusion is that everything is physical, as well as tangible.

The truth actually is that reality is more energy and open space than solid. This is why our third eye is known as being the leading player when it comes to spiritual, as well as psychic experiences.

There are a lot of different levels to the third eye activity, which ranges from pure intuition to traveling to some other dimensions of reality.

As it depends on past life work, as well as current spiritual practices, the variance of levels is going to be different for each person. Here, we will list the five general things to look for in order to know if your third eye is open and working correctly. Here they are:

1. Vivid dreams and good recall.

Your third eye is actually the reason why you see when your physical eyes are closed. This is also linked to daydreaming.

If you see your nightly visions clearly and you recall your experiences more days out of the week than not, the chances that your third eye is open to a central level are high.

2. Noticing shadow being or spirits frequently.

Shadow beings, as well as spirits, exist in a dimension which is right next to ours – 3D dimension. When you catch a glimpse into such reality, you are actually utilizing the energy of your third eye.

Sometimes, you may also see some ‘beings’ which seem to appear in the corner of your eyes or even head-on. This is also a sign of the work of your third eye.

3. You see auras.

An aura is actually the energetic field which appears around people, as well as things. As everything is made of energy, the illusion of physicality will prevent a lot of people from seeing the energy which radiates from stable things.

Noticing auras is sometimes a natural psychic gift for a lot of people, but it can also serve as a gauge of seeing if you see beyond the veil.

4. High intuition or seeing visions of things which will come.

As the third eye is the chakra which is actually the correspondent of your mental activity, if your intuition is high or you see things before they actually come, you are working with the brow chakra.

Intuition is something utterly different from gut feelings as it does not need any tips, clues, or even external stimuli.

Gut feelings are often triggered by seeing or hearing something. Having intuitive thoughts means that such thoughts can come out of nowhere.

5. You are down-to-earth and a truth-seeker.

Do you love when you search for truths and hidden spiritual knowledge? Do you actually feel like what you were taught when you were in school and religion has more to it?

Do you sometimes feel unsatisfied with what you were told about reality? The chances are that you are reality-seeker. You should remember that the primary lesson of the third eye is the discerning truth from the illusion.

If you ever experience three or more than three of the things from above, the chances are high that your third eye is open. Don’t forget that there are a lot of different levels of the third eye activity.

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