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Easy Ritual For The Taurus New Moon: Time To Be Grateful

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in Taurus 2019 would be a blank slate for you. Use it when you need to make a change in your life or use it if you feel that you are diverging from the road that you require to take.

Now, there is always a way to look at things differently, isn’t there? We might focus on the bad things all the time and try to eradicate them, but that might even make us negative.

But if you focus on the good, not only will it improve your life, your mood, and your general condition, but also it would give you the courage to deal with the not-so-savory parts of life.

Bathing Ritual For Taurus New Moon

You don’t always have to bathe, but try pouring at least one jug of lukewarm water while in the shower.

Perform the ritual between 3rd May to 12th May.

What You Need

1. Tool of cleansing (sage, incense, etc.)

2. Fresh flowers, any kind: 3 to 5

3. Choice of Essential oils

4. Sea salt or Himalayan Salt

5. Candles

What You Need to Do

1. First cleanse your aura, with your chosen tool. Recite this while doing it-

‘I have released every poison from my body. Every piece of darkness, every shred of it has been released from my bones, my heart, my mind, and my soul. All that I never needed is gone. And now, everything that remains is the pure light and the authenticity of being real. Thank you.’

Next, as you start cleansing the surroundings, recite this-

‘Everything around me is light, pure, free. Nothing anymore is heavy or burdening me down. Nothing could ever be a weight on my shoulders as I spread my wings and take my flight. The space around me is cleansed of all evil energy. And so am I. Thank you.’

2. Before taking your bath, remember to sit with those fresh flowers on your lap and breathe deeply. Try to calm your mind, and let the positive energy flow through you.

3. Next, put one of the flowers in your hand and be grateful to it. Say ‘Thank You’.

4. Now, while cupping the flower in both hands, think of anything that you want immensely in your life- a desire or an emotion. After carefully thinking about it, breath into the flower while reciting ‘I exhale (your desire) on the flower.’

5. Now, do the same for all the flowers. Say anything like:

I exhale forgiveness on the flower.

I exhale kindness on the flower.

I exhale self-love on the flower.

I exhale a new job on the flower.

I exhale happiness on the flower.

6. Next, fill the bathtub with the essential oils, salt, and the flowers. Pour in some warm water. If you want, you can light a few candles to bring in a different mood.

7. Place yourself in the bathtub and close your eyes. Imagine the healing energy of the salts, and the oils as well as the gratitude and desires emanating from the flowers and working its magic on you.

8. Once done, drain the water from the tub, and dump the flowers outside. Bury them. And then, wait for the magic to take place.

Perform this ritual for your own benefit. Let the Taurean energy flow through you. Best of luck.

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