You Have The Power To Rise Up, Even From The Darkest Times

by Conscious Reminder

Life can be really difficult. Yes, you are going through several trials in your life. You might have a bad boss who is making your life feel like hell. Your love life might be at an all-time low.

Things are not looking up. These are certain phases in our lives. These are times when you might be hating every bit of it. The people in your life are just the worst! But know that this too shall pass. You are strong – you have gone through worst.

Human beings are adaptable – that’s what has made us the most successful species on this planet. It’s ok to be angry – sometimes, anger can be directed to bring about a change. Sometimes, it can be used to get rid of toxic energy and transform yourself.

Know that you can change your life. No, you can’t just pay off the debts or move to another city and become really happy. You can’t just come into a fulfilling relationship suddenly.

But what you can do is you can start something you have always wanted to do. Society has a tendency to tell us that we can’t follow our dreams. It puts us in a path which has been decided upon and repeated again and again – the safe path.

But you can change that route – you can take a risk and be open to changing your life. You just have to take the leap of faith.

You can love yourself. You need to love yourself without being dependent on anyone. If you constantly put someone else before you, you will find yourself devoid of any kind of love. Don’t expect to get the love from your partner which you give them.

Your self-worth is not defined by others. It has to be defined by you. No one should define you according to your relationship status. You should not define yourself as per your relationship status too. Know, you are YOU – a unique individual.

The challenges of life can come fast and can easily make you feel terrible. There will be many things that will put you down – death, lay-offs, break-ups or medical issues. These are not under your control. If someone cheats, you are not to blame.

If a break-up happens, you are not to blame. Sometimes, we just have to let things go. When tragedies happen, we often end up with self-doubt. It’s ok to find yourself in self-doubt just after a tragedy. But you have to learn from them and move forward.

Acknowledge that you are confused but also know that you have the power to change that confused state. You have the power to rise up.

Forgive others and mostly, forgive yourself. What you are feeling are emotions – human emotions. They are natural. They make you human. Enjoy life and every aspect of life.

Don’t let one bad phase affect who you are.

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